Actor Timotheé Chalamet again begs Apple to call him in latest Apple TV+ ad

Apple today shared its third Apple TV+ ad starring actor Timotheé Chalamet who again bemoans the fact that he does not yet have an Apple TV+ series or movie.

Still from the Apple TV+ "Ladybug with Timothée Chalamet" commercial
Still from the Apple TV+ “Ladybug with Timothée Chalamet” commercial

In the “Ladybug with Timothée Chalamet” spot, Chalamet sits in his garden terrace checking out Apple TV+ content and complimenting the actors that Apple has worked with.

“Apple, you wound me,” he says. “Clearly you understand art.”

“Beauty is such a fragile thing,” Chalamet continues. “Often overlooked.” At the end of the ad, Chalamet once again begs Apple to give him a call.

MacDailyNews Note: This is the third ad that Apple has shared starring Timotheé Chalamet, and it follows both the “Call Me” and “A Taste” ads that debuted last month:

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  1. Come on, everyone knows who that is. It’s Tim Cook’s secret son. The resemblance is uncanny. Tim Chalamet was an accident and Tim had to hush it up years ago, but it’s an open secret that Tim C is the secret father of Tim C.

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