GOP-led U.S. House to target online censorship of conservatives

With a change in leadership on a key panel, the new GOP U.S. House majority is expected to focus on censorship of conservatives online by the likes of Alphabet subsidiaries Google and YouTube and Facebook, among others.

U.S. Capitol Building
The United States Capitol Building

The House Judiciary Committee on Friday announced Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie will serve as the head of the antitrust subcommittee.

Emily Birnbaum and Maria Curi for Bloomberg News:

The appointment was a snub to Colorado Republican Ken Buck, one of the main House GOP critics of big tech companies, who was the panel’s ranking member in the last Congress.
Buck has urged Republicans to support updates to US antitrust laws to take on Inc, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Meta Platforms Inc. and Apple Inc. He also worked across the aisle with Democrats on antitrust legislation and big tech investigations.

The appointment of Massie, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology-trained inventor who has filed dozens of patents, signals that the Judiciary Committee under Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio will shift its focus away from legislation aimed at curbing the power of the largest tech companies. Jordan has been more focused on free-speech issues, including big tech’s perceived liberal bias.

“We’re all united in wanting to stop the censorship of conservatives and the suppression of free speech,” Jordan said in an interview. “That’s going to be a focus of the full committee work.” … Jordan said he isn’t against antitrust legislation, but opposes bills that “would empower big government to further work with big tech to censor conservatives, which is what I thought the Democrat bills in the last congress were designed to do.”

MacDailyNews Take: Potter Stewart said it best: “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.”

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    1. On the other hand, you’re an idiot.

      Doesn’t the Capitol building look grand in that photo? It looks so much better when Republicans aren’t defectating and smearing their feces in it.

      1. Tis very true. The US is a far more progressive nation than they want to admit, or believe. It’s only the antiquated Electoral College, gerrymandering and voter suppression that allows them to be in as much power as they are. They have no actual platform now beyond revenge politics and getting the Liberals.

          1. Yes, liberals are a far smaller minority in America than conservatives and moderates. They are also mostly clustered in cities. Far less than 26% of Americans you meet outside of large cities are liberal. More like 5%. You’re welcome.

            1. You don’t get it do you? Moderates working with Liberals is what gets things done and that is what being progressive is all about. It’s the close minded right wing conservatives, like you, that don’t want to do anything except get revenge for some perceived slight. You are the true minority.

            2. Humdrum writes, “Moderates working with Liberals is what gets things done.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              Exactly the opposite!….

  1. ““We’re all united in wanting to stop the censorship of conservatives and the suppression of free speech…..”

    By trampling over the 1st Amendment they claim to want to save. Sorry Jim but big tech can do whatever they want to on their platforms and your rights to speech aren’t being violated whatsoever. They can censor whoever and for whatever reason they choose.

      1. The First Amendment DOES apply to all. Since you clearly missed Civics 101 I’ll explain it to you.

        The very first word of the First Amendment is “Congress”. Congress means the government. What this means is that THE GOVERNMENT shall make no laws infringing on a citizen’s rights to speech.

        What ISN’T mentioned in the 1st Amendment are private entities/business. What this means is that the private sector is able to restrict/regulate speech as they see fit, and here’s the kicker, your 1st Amendment rights are not being violated.

        So in sum: 1st Amendment applies to the Government, not to the private sector. Pretty simple stuff.

        1. First of all, courts have recognized that freedom of speech applies where a private entity has a monopoly on the space. Company towns, Shopping malls, and airports must protect freedom of speech. Big tech has a bigger reach and monopoly than any company town, mall, or airport.

          Second, the law recognizes publishers and platforms. Publishers can editorialize but are legally liable for what they publish. Platforms can’t editorialize but in turn are protected from lawsuits based on what is published. Big tech cant have the privileges of both publishers and platforms yet none of the responsibilities.

        2. How would you classify government’s influence of free speech by the use of public sector resources, funding and priorities to influence and/or censor the free speech of private entities/business through other private sector businesses ? Is the government in a position to misuse its power to indirectly infringe on a citizen’s right to speech by influencing private sector businesses ?

          Can a business use free speech to discriminate goods and services to customers that promote opposing speech ? What about private sector business’s that use government provided infrastructure and funding to access public sector communities? Do private business, that access public sector resources and funding have the same free speech rights infringe as an individual?

  2. If conservatives are being censored, why is that all I hear wherever I go??

    No, we hear right wing voices far out of disproportion to the number of people who believe this nonsense.

    1. Exactly! Can’t turn on talk radio without a non-stop stream of right-wing anger, and they’re all over TV and the internet, too. Folks on this website may not want to admit it, but far-right voices get a LOT more reach in the mass media those on the far-left.

      1. The left has social media, broadcast TV, cable TV, and movies. The left has tried several times to make it on radio but it has failed each time. Everyone else who isn’t on the left has radio, even though the left constantly goes after advertisers.

      2. OH BS. WriterGuy, you are fully dilutional. I was a leftist when I was younger and now through and MOSTLY the Overton Window I am a liberal republican. CNN and MSNBC are the ones I see racist and hate mongers.Full blown 100% brainwashing from those clowns. I see only a 1/4 to 1/3 of it on Fox. I have switch to independent news as the main stream news is all about brainwashing from the left and Fox I am not into. As far as radio, yes the right owns that as they are a 1,000 other areas the left 100% owns brainwashing their propaganda of hate and race baiting, there is ZERO need to listen to left wing radio, that is way it always fails. Again, I am a classic liberal who lost his party to dilutional leftist nuts.

        1. Ted – Can you describe the “brainwashing” from the left you and your cohorts here are so convinced is real? Name ONE commentator on CNN or MSNBC who rails against private property, or calls for a complete overthrow of capitalism, or proposes outright anarchy.

          If “leftist” voices were really out there, Keith Olbermann and Thom Hartman would have shows on every night in primetime just like Tucker and Hannity. But they don’t. Most of the people called out for being liberal would have been considered centrist or even Republican 40 or 50 years ago.

          And the big bad media that scares you all? Who do you think owns it? A bunch of BLM activists, or radical Marxists? No, the five remaining media comglomerates are all owned and/or guided by Wall Street bankers, billionaires and hedge funds. If all the TV dramas and comedies feature gay people and interracial couples bothers you, they’re more than offset by all the shows glamorizing cops, firefighters, doctors, criminalists, prosecutors and other elements of the status quo.

          Finally, if calling out racism when you see it was what you refer to as “race baiting,” I’m afraid you’ve lost track of who the oppressed and and who is the oppressor. Which is sad for all of us.

  3. Rightwingers, here’s a quick no-brainer fix!

    Stop using social media platforms to post knowingly fake news, promote absurd conspiracy theories, faux patriotism, outright incendiary lies and slander, manipulated photos and videos, promote mockery, hypocrisy and malicious misdirection, fake science and dangerous unproven medical cures, scam your poor and middle class base out of hard-earned cash, support criminal activity, spread racist, antisemitic, and so-called Christian hateful propaganda; bully and intimidate citizens and news organizations, make death threats and glorify physical violence done to others, or organize seditious protests to overthrow the United States Government…

    And I think you’ll be just fine.

    1. Looks like you got all your information from social (disease) media.

      Odd how every issue you listed was used by the Left against Trump, which has pretty much ALL been proven false, yet you march on like the Antifa bunny, beating a drum no one believes….

      1. Just about everything that the Orange Conman utters is false, yet you gullible conservaturds continue to worship him.

        The simple truth is that the far right like you only believe what you are served up on Fox News and other similar media. You have a cognitive bias that predisposes you to blindly follow all the MAGA horseshit and refute anything logical and proven.

          1. Oh come on. His lies are well documented. The fact that you don’t want to acknowledge that is so telling. Yes, all politicians lie to some extent but Trump basically lies every time he opens his mouth.

            1. OK, I’ll make it easy for you.
              Name 5 lies that were not just campaign BS.
              Real, actual policy making lies that affected government.

              But first, you may want to watch any video of Joe Biden talking for more than ten minutes without several outright lies.

              Does that make Trump honest? No, it means you bought into 6 years of media against him and for Brandon.

              Well documented my ass…

          2. You keep trying with your fsckwit logic and keep failing. I proved you wrong about MDN “not being biased” which you then pivoted to saying ‘it’s MDN’s right to print what it likes”
            Now, when the GOP wants to restrict that freedom you pivot to Trump didn’t lie.
            It started day 1 with “it didn’t rain on my inauguration day” It did.
            “Biggest crowd ever” nope!…and continued for 4 years.
            Here is your requested long list.

  4. I have lived in many Red States, and in person, in coffee shops, etc., I have never heard people talk politics in public. It’s just not a thing . . . This sort of hardcore political talk only exists online and in social media . . . Each political party and their affiliated online trolls have only one goal in mind — to get you to vote for their political party in the next election — and once they have power they pass laws which benefit corporations and the ultra wealthy — That’s it . . . Now that you know that, you don’t have to follow this online nonsense . . . Go outside. Go for a walk. Get laid. Have a nice life.

    1. Well said. There is an entire community of trolls here who have no interest in Apple products (beyond attacking Tim Cook anyway) and who just sit there day in and day out ready to pounce on any news story that has content they can use to sling their nonsense about “libturds” while ignoring the exact same behaviour on their side that they claim to abhor. They think I’m some sort of left-wing hippie I’m sure since I have the word “moon” in my name but I’d rather talk computers. I picked my handle simply because it sounds funny 🙂

    1. It has been for a long time. Imagine the cult worship on the run up to the cult leaders election and maladministration.

      Daily cult leader worship.

      Now it’s just apologist whining.

  5. Sad to see lots of great comments deleted here, but people can still call others “uckwits” above and they’re not censored.

    Please turn off the comments section, because it’s really just a censor section. No doubt you will delete this one too

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