Apple ramped up lobbying spending in 2022

Apple grew its lobbying spend the most last year compared to its peers, according to public disclosures. The company increased its 2022 lobbying spending by 44% compared to 2021.


Lauren Feiner for CNBC:

Though Apple’s lobbying spending grew the most in the past year compared to peers in the industry, it still spends far below other tech giants. Apple’s total lobbying efforts came to nearly $9.4 million for all of 2022, a record for the company but just below Microsoft’s $9.8 million and Google’s $10.9 million.

Amazon and Facebook-owner Meta topped the list by total spend, doling out $19.7 million and $19.2 million, respectively. For Amazon, that was a roughly 2% increase in spend compared to 2021 and it was a 4.6% decrease for Meta.

The five tech giants spent a combined nearly $69 million lobbying the federal government last year, a 5% increase compared to 2021.

MacDailyNews Take: A drop in the ocean. Apple spent more than $9.4 million on toilet paper last year.

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