Man robbed of $95,000 worth of iPhones outside Apple Store Fifth Avenue

A man carrying 300 iPhones, worth some $95,000, was beaten and robbed near Apple Fifth Avenue early Monday morning, NYC police said.

Image: Apple Fifth Avenue
Apple Fifth Avenue

Adam Warner and Carol D’Auria for Audacy:

The 27-year-old victim was targeted moments after he left Apple’s 24-hour New York flagship at E. 58th Street.

The victim regularly makes large purchases from Apple, as he resells the phones through his small business, according to police.

A store clerk put the phones—300 iPhone 13s—in three large bags around 1:45 a.m.

As the victim was walking to his car, another car pulled up alongside him. Two men jumped out of the car and demanded the bags, police said.

The victim put up a fight, sparking a struggle in which he was punched in the nose.

The bag contained 125 iPhones worth $95,000, according to police.

MacDailyNews Take: Seems like the thieves knew what was in the bags. Hopefully, police can track them down.

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  1. Like Chicago, San Francisco, etc., NYC is just another Democrat-controlled, Democrat-destroyed cesspool of crime, graft, and corrupt dysfunction.

  2. doesn’t sound like they talked politics, not sure why the radical right-wingers here see everything through that lens.

    it sounds more like poor planning given the realities of urban life. Someone buying $100k worth of phones shouldn’t have done it at 2am or had security with him.

      1. as a republican myself, that’s a very strange thing to say.

        he didn’t get robbed because NYC is a democrat run city. terrible things happen in population dense cities all the time, regardless of democrat or republican leadership.

        furthermore, that part of NYC is a highly-policed, upscale area whether there’s democrats or republicans in charge. police don’t evaporate (and crime doesn’t escalate) on that block if a democrat is elected.

        so to look at this crime and blame it on a political party, to see everything through that pinhole, just gets tiresome.

        I blame 1) the criminal, and 2) the guy’s judgment – 2am? 100k? no security?

      2. Brilliant comments. Are there any cities that are prominently Republican? Progressive people like cities….stimulating for the mind, full of artistic opportunities. People in close proximity such as cities are more empathetic of their neighbors. Do cities have more crime. Hmmm.. perhaps over the last century. If you want to blame their mayors for crime, go ahead. Just tell me about some great cities with low crime in Red states.

  3. For all the blather about “Democratic-run cities,” crime is actually far higher in GOP-run states. According to the latest figures, the highest crime rates (from worst to better) are found in:
    1. South Carolina
    2. New Mexico
    3. Tennessee
    4. Nevada
    5. Louisiana
    6. Florida
    7. Arkansas
    8. Arizona
    9. Alaska
    10. Delaware
    11. Texas
    12. Alabama
    13. Oklahoma
    14. Georgia
    15. Maryland–crime-index–state-rank.htm

    1. Forgot to add: There’s more crime in cities because there’s more PEOPLE in cities. You know the terrible murder rate in Chicago? It’s actually about in the middle of major cities. The cities with higher murder rates?

      According to FBI stats from 2019 (the most recent available), St. Lous, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Kansas City, Cleveland, Memphis, Newark, Cincinnati, Mobile, Philadelphia and Milwaukee all had higher rates than ol’ evil Chicago.

      And New York City was actually way way down on the list, between Garland Texas and Henderson Nevada.

  4. I have a suspicious feeling that this guy was being cased. There is no way that this car “randomly” appeared at that hour and knowing what was inside. I will even say it was an inside job that an employee might have tipped off the thieves.

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