New Mayo Clinic study shows Apple Watch can help detect another potentially life-threatening heart condition

A new study by researchers at Mayo Clinic shows that an Apple Watch and its ECG feature can help early detect heart abnormalities, including left ventricular dysfunction.

30 more countries now support Apple Watch's ECG app with watchOS 7.6
Apple Watch’s ECG app

Niel Smith for MyHealthyApple:

Left Ventricular dysfunction of the heart is usually followed by congestive heart failure that can lead to a multitude of cardiac disorders.

The left ventricle is primarily responsible for pumping oxygen to your body’s vital organs.

These findings indicate that consumer-watch ECGs acquired in nonclinical environments can identify patients with cardiac dysfunction, a potentially life-threatening and often asymptomatic condition. Another inference is that the potential of smartwatches to assist with conducting remote digital health studies is just in the beginning phases.

MacDailyNews Note: The results and findings from this groundbreaking clinical study were published in Nature Medicine this week here.

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