Apple working on dropping the ‘Hey’ from ‘Hey, Siri’ trigger phrase

Apple is working on a project to simplify the ‘Hey Siri’ trigger phrase to just ‘Siri,’ in iPhones, Macs, iPad, Apple Watches, HomePods, etc., Mark Gurman reports in his latest Power On Newsletter for Bloomberg News.

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Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company is working on an initiative to drop the “Hey” in the trigger phrase so that a user only needs to say “Siri”—along with a command. While that might seem like a small change, making the switch is a technical challenge that requires a significant amount of AI training and underlying engineering work.

Apple has been working on the change for several months and—if all goes to plan—hopes to roll out the switch either next year or the year after. The company has been testing the simplified wake word with employees and collecting the necessary training data.

The complexity involves Siri being able to understand the singular phrase “Siri” in multiple different accents and dialects. Having two words—“Hey Siri”—increases the likelihood of the system properly picking up the signal.

MacDailyNews Take: Alexa, how long is this going to take?

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  1. Why? I already have an problem with Siri replying when I don’t say Siri. If I say “hey” or anything close, it starts responding. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Siri function and rarely dial a number or text. Especially if I’m driving or focused on something else but, at times it seems it listens too much.

    1. AppleCynic, dumb as usual. Hey Siri is theee syllables, just like Alexa is.

      AppleCynic is four syllables, with Mr AC several plans short of a dozen.

      The only instance of turning on the AC and getting the dull heat of derrrrrrrrrr.

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