No, Lufthansa is not banning Apple AirTags in checked luggage

Multiple reports have surfaced online in recent days indicating that Lufthansa has prohibited the carriage of Apple’s AirTag tracking device within checked-in luggage, based on a tweet (below) from Lufthansa’s official Twitter account.

Apple AirTag 4-Pack
Apple AirTag 4-Pack

Chris Smith for Airways Magazine:

Airways reached out to the airline to confirm or deny said reports. The carrier responded by saying that it had “not banned airtags and there is no guideline or regulation by Lufthansa to ban airtags. There is a standing ICAO regulation on such devices, but this has nothing to do with Lufthansa or any other carrier.”

Because it allows passengers to track the location of their checked luggage after it has been checked in, the small tracking device has become a popular addition to the contents of many travelers’ checked luggage.

Without getting into the specifics of the battery that powers the AirTag, IATA policy states unequivocally that, “devices in checked baggage must be completely switched off.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s AirTag uses a small CR2032 battery, found in many wristwatches. It is not considered dangerous to the safety of a flight. The only way to “switch off” an AirTag is to remove its battery.

Of course, once you remove the battery, the location of this AirTag is no longer visible to its owner and incompetent airlines that can’t figure out a system to transport their overcharged customers’ luggage with any reasonable degree of accuracy can continue screwing up what should be a simple logistics process ad infinitum.

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  1. While I love the devices and use them for everything from a motorcycle, electric bike, fanny and backpacks, I can see why it is appropriate to NOT allow them on an airplane in luggage. Bad guys can tell when a “certain bag” is aboard and where the plane is, at least while it’s on the ground for sure—I’m not sure about once it’s airborne but probably at least for the 5 miles or so involved in take-offs and landings.

    That alone is enough to scare me. The possibility of certain luggage shenanigans has been demonstrated whether by bribed “bag smashers” or members of the “religion of peace” (or is it “pieces”?)

  2. Ok, so WHO? — is downvoting my cautionary post above? What gives? Did I reveal your secret plans? My email is hidden thanks to Apple so I don’t think anyone could know how I’ve posted in the past. Very odd………

  3. WTF? Why are people downvoting a warning about the potential for an aviation disaster? Are they failing to read and comprehend the dangers? This is bizarre, all right.

    1. Your phone is easier to track and use for “shenanigans” while in flight than an AirTag, and easier to tie to a specific person. Even if you’re in airplane mode, if you’re connected to WiFi and texting or surfing, you’re trackable with the right knowledge.

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