Which iPhone 14 model is right for you

Apple’s iPhone 14 series is comprised on four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max. Which one is right for you?

Apple's iPhone 14 series (left to right: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Apple’s iPhone 14 series (left to right: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max)

Julian Chokkattu for Wired:

Here’s how they differ:

• iPhone 14: The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 is all the phone you need. It has a dual 12-MP primary camera and ultrawide with larger sensors to capture images that aren’t too far off from the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s powered by the same A15 Bionic processor used in last year’s iPhone 13 Pro.

• iPhone 14 Plus: The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus can do all the same things as the standard iPhone 14 but for slightly longer. In my testing, it’s the longest-lasting iPhone in the new range, easily hitting the afternoon of the second day on a single charge

• iPhone 14 Pro: It’s almost unfair how many more features there are in the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro. For starters, the infamous notch is gone. You still get Face ID, but Apple has slimmed down the selfie camera and sensors into a pill-shaped cutout called the Dynamic Island… The phone is powered by the new A16 Bionic chip, which delivers powerful performance, especially when running demanding games. The screen gets brighter and supports a 120-Hz refresh rate, too, so every interaction with the phone looks and feels more fluid. For the first time, there’s an always-on display, so you can see the time and notifications with just a glance. It generally lasts around a full day on a single charge.

• iPhone 14 Pro Max: The Max is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro, except it has a bigger 6.7-inch screen… If battery life is your biggest concern and you want all these extra features, then the Max is the way to go, as it lasted me through a day and a morning.

MacDailyNews Take: Budget allowing, we recommend the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max over the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus as the differentiation this year is striking and the myriad additional features and capabilities offered in the Pro models are easily worth the additional upfront cost. Simply decide what size iPhone 14 Pro you’re comfortable carrying (pockets, purses, etc.) and you’re good to go!

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  1. I was all set to upgrade to the 14 pro until I saw that it has no SIM card slot. That’s a 100% deal breaker for me, at least for now. eSIMs are great, but for some international travel a SIM card is a must. Maybe in a year or two that will change, but in the mean time I just have to wait. My wallet says thank you 🙂

  2. None of them because they are all too big. And now I’m hearing that next year‘s SE will also be 6.1 inch?! That’s just absolutely ridiculous. We need another mini and I assumed because it makes sense that the next SE would be like the current mini because that really makes most sense. We don’t need another 6.1 inch model. Hope it’s a rumour because I already find it ridiculous that the current lineup has two 6.1 inch models.

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