Apple TV+ debuts trailer for ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ season two

Apple today revealed the trailer for season two of the Apple TV+ original series “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” premiering globally on Friday, October 7th with all-new episodes to be released weekly.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will will return in a new weekly format, beginning Thursday, March 3rd
Season two of the original series “The Problem With Jon Stewart” premieres globally on Friday, October 7, 2022 on Apple TV+.

This season will tackle topics including gender, taxes, globalization, elections and more.

The trailer highlights moments from the upcoming season, including Stewart debating anti-transgender legislation, questioning the American tax proposition and confronting economic globalization, with special appearances from LeVar Burton and Susan Sarandon.

The series is executive produced by showrunner Brinda Adhikari, alongside Stewart’s longtime manager James Dixon, Chris McShane and Richard Plepler through his Eden Productions, which has an exclusive overall production deal with Apple. Lorrie Baranek and Reza Riazi are supervising producers and Kris Acimovic is head writer.

The series’ podcast of the same name is available on Apple Podcasts and via RSS.

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    1. Is that all you can do? Insult anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe?
      Do you only come here to regurgitate the crap that fills your brain?

      Sorry…no actual evidence of any brain…my mistake.

    1. Agree, when John Oliver makes a point, he usually combines good factual references with a nice dose of humor. He’s not afraid to challenge the corporate narrative.

      But there’s room for improvement: I wish Oliver would skip the raunchy teenage humor and tangential celeb-lovefest filler material, and invite direct multi-faceted counterpoint dialogue. Stewart, to his credit, invited interesting people for real discussions on live air, without shouting them off the stage. I wish more shows would use that basic format with fewer celeb guests and more “real people” to deliver entertainment and serious issue discussion on issues that really impact the average person. Most current supposed news channels have personalities deliver narratives, then hand it off to the next talking head that trots out the exact same narrative with different words. When a guest comes on, it’s usually to plug their latest book or movie or corporate doodad.

      It would be nice to see panel discussions with expert guests from the whole spectrum having a civil dialogue on TV again. Sadly that’s not edgy and infuriating enough to garner the ratings that (what’s the highest viewership news channel again?) has chosen to dumb themselves down to achieve.

      In today’s modern world, no issue should be boiled down into 2 simplistic sides, with each side putting shock ratings above public interest, and neither side looking at the real merit of the other’s ideas.

    1. Exactly like every other talking head on radio, podcast, and TV!!! The difference as I see it is that Stewart isn’t on a foreign-owned network or funded by multinational corporations that say one thing and do another. Stewart is a comic with a conscience, and society needs that.

  1. Um . . . everyone mentioned in this thread is a comedian/actor. They do not, and have never claimed to be reporting the news, and indeed, they do not report the news. They give a comedic ‘take’ on the news, which is by its nature injected with the opinions of whomever wrote the jokes. This is a very rare instance where the onus is actually on the audience for the ignorance on display. FWIW I personally DO believe Jon Stewart is a sellout, but that is not because I ever thought of him as a ‘journalist’. He isn’t, and has never been. I’m sure he’d be the first to say it.

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