NY AG Letitia James calls on Apple to broadcast ‘Friday Night Baseball’ on YES Network

Via press release, New York Attorney General Letitia James has called on Apple and Major League Baseball to allow Friday’s Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees game, in which Aaron Judge will look to tie the American League season home run record, to be aired on the team-owned YES Network.

Fans can tune in to two games on Friday nights during the regular season, available only on Apple TV+
Fans can tune in to two baseball games on Friday nights during the MLB’s regular season, available only on Apple TV+.

Judge hit his 60th home run of the season on Tuesday, one shy of Roger Maris’s 61-year-old American League record for home runs in a single season.

New York Attorney General Letitia James:

“History is in the making as Aaron Judge electrifies Yankees fans, and everyone who loves baseball. To deny millions of New Yorkers, and fans around the nation, the opportunity to watch as Aaron Judge steps up to the plate, is wrong and unfair. New Yorkers paid their cable bills expecting to see live sports programming. Now they are being asked to do extra if they want to watch this exciting home run chase, and potentially historic game. That is why I am calling on Apple and the MLB to reach a fair accommodation with the YES Network so that fans can watch what we all hope will be history made this evening.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple paid the MLB for the rights to this game. Apple did so in the hope that such “must-see” games would occur on Apple TV+.

As we wrote earlier today, situations like this are, of course, exactly why Apple pays MLB to exclusively broadcast games.

Anyone in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. can watch tonight’s game for free on Apple TV+ with a free Apple ID, no subscription required. (How to create an Apple ID here.)

How to Watch:

• Launch the Apple TV app on your Apple device, smart TV, gaming console, streaming device, or visit tv.apple.com
• Tap or click Apple TV+ Major League Baseball

Friday Night Baseball isn’t offered in all countries and regions where the Apple TV app is available. Apple TV+ is available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions, on over 1 billion screens, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, popular smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO, TCL and others, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, Chromecast with Google TV, PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, and at tv.apple.com, for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. For a limited time, customers who purchase and activate a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch can enjoy three months of Apple TV+ for free.

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  1. Doesn’t Letitia have enough on her plate, conducting political witch hunts, filing nuisance civil lawsuits against the last duly-elected American president and his family, and losing her re-election campaign?

    Voters should note that this priority-challenged grandstanding charlatan somehow has the time to issue demands about baseball games that demonstrably prove she lacks the knowledge of how even basic capitalism works, and vote accordingly.

    1. Regarding Letitia’s nuisance civil lawsuit against the Trump family, this esteemed legal mind seems to have forgotten the basics: where are the causation and damages?

      Letitia is an idiot elected by idiots. Miraculously, even the voters of New York finally seem to be waking up:

      1. She is my hero. I can’t wait to see the Orange evil one in prison where he belongs. The Trump presidential library will be Trump pushing the book cart along the row of cells in prison.

  2. “To deny millions of New Yorkers, and fans around the nation, the opportunity to watch as Aaron Judge steps up to the plate, is wrong and unfair.”

    So says the WORST New York AG in history with ZERO credibility. Behind in a tight re-election race days ago went after Trump with shared information the NYC DA refused to file charges and dropped the case. Today in another headline grabbing move goes after the most successful tech company in history.

    What’s clearly wrong is Letitia’s stupidity understanding how business works. What’s clearly unfair is running a campaign over three years ago promising to take down a sitting president, compromising impartial blind justice, then harassing the former president with a nuisance civil suit in hopes of convincing other uninformed giddy idiots for votes to win the election in November.

    Apple, Trump and N.Y. citizens deserve much better than this brainless and virtual signaling INCOMPETENT…

    1. Piss off CRYBABY!!! I’ll be watching the game, FOR FREE, and I have ZERO premium sports channels!! All I need is an internet connection. But I won’t be telling whiny little bitches like YOU how to find it!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

      1. Talk about ASSUMING a lot. Who’s crying and whining? I don’t watch baseball! Move along sonny, obviously political discussions are too difficult for you to understand right now. Hopefully, when you GROW UP…

  3. Smh. Leave it to the usual suspects to inject irrelevant political ravings into an article where the only thing political is the mayor having a “D” at the end of her name.

    Regardless, she’s absolutely right. YES should have been the one broadcasting the game. ATV+ is fucking horrible. The “commentators” are dull insufferable clowns and the quality of the feed is just as wretched. Hopefully this can get better with time but man it’s rough right now.

          1. I worship no political party GeoB but nice try on your deflection.

            Let’s see if you can follow along (I’ll even type it slowly for you): Article is about a BASEBALL game and someone who wishes that that potentially historic game be televised by the people who have been following the team for years & know them inside & out.

            The usual suspects – First Then, Kent and yourself – then derail the topic at hand with irrelevant & irrational political discourse.

            Do you understand now?

            1. “(I’ll even type it slowly for you)”

              That’s where I stopped reading. Look condescending elitist who worships despicable Democrats, you don’t like politics, don’t read, don’t respond and hope the door hits your ass on the way out…

      1. After blowing millions of NY taxpayers’ dollars trying to find a crime to pin on Trump (because he’s a threat to the billionaires who own the establishment politicians and run the “system” to their benefit), she came up with nothing.

        Zero. Bupkis.

        But, she’s losing in her re-election bid (because she’s an incompetent leftist token), so she’s decided to waste even more NY taxpayers’ money on a nuisance civil suit to try (and fail) to cover her ass for the initial waste of millions on yet another failed witch hunt to “get Trump,” whose biggest crimes were trying to enforce existing border and immigration laws, stopping the flow of illicit drugs (that likely get most added Dems thru their miserable days), lowering taxes (so that idiots like Letitia have less at their disposal to waste), and actually competing with China instead of selling out the country to the CCP. Oh, and “mean tweets” that hurt the “feelings” of maladjusted leftists.

        Thank you for waiting.

        1. No First Then, explain to me how her wanting a historically important game to be on a network that knows more about the team(s) than the people on TV+ is causing problems.

          1. Whenever she wastes time, which is quite often, on self-promotion and other useless endeavors, she wastes her employers’ — the taxpayers’ — money.

            “Voters should note that this priority-challenged grandstanding charlatan somehow has the time to issue demands about baseball games that demonstrably prove she lacks the knowledge of how even basic capitalism works, and vote accordingly.”

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