Pixelmator Team releases Pixelmator Pro 3.0

The Pixelmator Team on Thursday announced released Pixelmator Pro 3.0, codenamed Muse, which introduces an all-new way to create designs with over 200 easy-to-use templates, 16 fully customizable mockups, AI-powered template editing, document color palettes, and much more.

Pixelmator Team releases Pixelmator Pro 3.0

Pixelmator Team:

200+ Design Templates

With more than 200 stunning new templates, you can quickly create high-quality designs in a wide range of different formats, including social media posts, resumes, posters, cards, and others. It takes just a few clicks to personalize a template and turn it into something that’s uniquely yours.

But that’s not all. If you’ve got a small business or you’re creating a personal brand, you’re going to love the new brand templates. You can choose from 12 different brand collections with templates for web, print, and more. In each collection, you’ll find templates created using the same design language which makes it very easy to build a consistent and eye-catching visual identity.

Fully-Customizable Mockups

Mockups let you easily bring your designs to life by displaying them in beautifully-designed compositions. Find mockups for devices such as Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and printed media, including posters, book covers, and more. Freely customize mockups with a number of alternative lighting effects, or recolor different elements in compositions to find just the right look for your design.

The ultra high-quality mockups are perfect for both personal or professional use. In fact, the Pixelmator marketing team has already given the new mockups its seal of approval and we are now using them to showcase Pixelmator Pro on the App Store! If you’d like to learn more about how you can make your own designs pop using mockups, check out our latest Youtube tutorial.

Smart Replace

To make template editing quick and intuitive, we’ve introduced Smart Replace, an incredibly intelligent feature supercharged with the power of three machine learning features: Remove Background, Auto Fill, and ML Super Resolution. Now, when replacing placeholder content, Pixelmator Pro can automatically remove backgrounds, find the most optimal composition and placement, and upscale images if their quality is too low.

Element Alternatives

Easily customize templates and mockups with a number of built-in alternative elements — lighting, shapes, effects, and illustrations — created exclusively for each design. For example, when working with mockups, you can completely change their look and feel with lighting effects such as Direct Light, Diffused Light, Plant Shadows, and others. If you’d like to try out a few different looks, you can quickly switch between the alternative elements with easy-to-use on-canvas controls.

Document Colors

Templates and mockups come with a set of built-in color presets available from the new Document Colors menu. Using the presets, you can completely change the entire color scheme of an image with just a few clicks. The feature works by changing all nondestructively applied colors in a composition — whether it’s a gradient stop in gradient map effect, a color fill, or even a shadow. You can also customize individual colors in templates or your own designs to create new document color presets.

MacDailyNews Note: Pixelmator Pro 3.0 Muse is a free update to all existing users and is available on the Mac App Store now. New users can get a copy of Pixelmator Pro for $39.99 via Apple’s Mac App Store here.

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