Apple plans to assemble iPhone 14 in India in effort to diversify production outside China

After building up launch stock in China, Apple plans to begin assembling the iPhone 14 in India some two months after the product’s launch date, narrowing the gap between the two countries in a effort to diversify production that is heavily dependent on the Chinese Communist Party-controlled country.

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro design according to multiple leaks (Image: CONCEPTSIPHONE)
Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro design according to multiple leaks (Image: CONCEPTSIPHONE)

Sankalp Phartiyal and Saritha Rai for Bloomberg News:

The company has been working with suppliers to ramp up manufacturing in India and shorten the lag in production of the new iPhone from the typical six to nine months for previous launches, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple, which long made most of its iPhones in China, is seeking alternatives as Xi Jinping’s administration clashes with the US government and imposes lockdowns across the country that have disrupted economic activity.

Analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities Group have said they anticipate Apple will ship the next iPhone from both countries at roughly the same time, which would have been a significant benchmark in Apple’s efforts to diversify its supply chain and build redundancy.

MacDailyNews Take: Diversification, especially away from China, reduces risk and benefits Apple.

It’s smart for both Apple and Foxconn to diversify assembly outside of China. There’s no sense having all of your eggs in one basket.MacDailyNews, April 2, 2019

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    1. Breaking News for the Aussie who hates the United States, only a leftist IDIOT would describe “Diversity” as moving from one Communist Country to another. Unbelievable.

      “Technically, Vietnam until this day is still a communist country having the one-party rule, that is the Communist Party of Vietnam, under Marxist-Leninist governance. Together with China, Laos, Cuba and, to a large extent, North Korea, Vietnam is the remaining communist countries today.”

      Apple — please BUILD in the FREEST Country on Earth — The United States of America!

      USA! USA! USA!…

        1. Exactly, back at you bvanlent.

          Whether India or Vietnam or any other country, the MAIN point Communism and Democratic Republics aside — the Apple Board and their pawn Tim Cook need to EXPLAIN publicly — why NOT bring jobs back to the United States? Period!…

  1. How about diversify to non-hostile communist ****hole countries? How about bring some production back to the USA, even if it’s a small %. India is a good start, Vietnam, no.

    That cook STILL hasn’t diversified, ie business school 101, is a a violation of his fiduciary duty’s and proof he’s a failure at business basics.

    1. Apple’s sun contractors employ tens of thousands of people in places where salaries are low and there are lots of people available.

      If you want American assembled iPhones, are you willing to work for comparable rates as Indian, Chinese or Vietnamese people, or alternatively are you truly prepared to pay a substantial surcharge to have an American assembled iPhone?

      Until such time as unattended automation is used to build iPhones, they are going to have to be assembled in places where a large workforce is available at low rates. America is not such a place.

    1. US consumers aren’t that sophisticated. By stages corporate power has taken over.

      Since Coca Cola, consumers have been barraged by brand marketing. Many lost the ability to evaluate value. Big companies consolidated markets, and got fat and lazy selling overpriced overhyped junk that people don’t need. Then Sam Walton got the brilliant idea to grab a big chunk of profits by selling imported junk at slightly lower prices. You would think this would kill off US fat cats, but actually it taught most of them to outsource and redouble their patriotic advertising, and after all small retailers were steamrolled, now Walmart charges as much or more than anyone. Nixon accelerated the trend by opening China for business. This site forgets this.

      US consumers have been thoroughly conditioned to buy according to brand (now often a duopoly or regional monopoly) at whatever prices the megaretailers choose, and the existence of this site proves it. No matter how much MDN whines about prices or Chyyyyna or Cook, there is nothing that will ever stop them from shilling for their chosen corporation.

      What was the Jobs quip about US manufacturing? You know.

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