Apple to begin collecting Chicago’s ‘Netflix tax’ this September

Apple will begin collecting taxes on Apple TV+ subscribers inside the legal confines of the City of Chicago as part of its settlement relating to the city’s 2015 “Netflix Tax.”

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In 2015, Chicago introduced a change to its Amusement Tax that placed a 9% tax on streaming entertainment services including Netflix, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Spotify, Disney+, etc.

Amber Neely for AppleInsider:

In July, Apple gave up its four-year fight against Chicago’s so-called “Netflix Tax.” The tax requires the tech giant to pay a 9% tax on streaming service income earned from Chicago subscribers.

According to Bloomberg Law, Apple has agreed to collect the tax, starting September 15, from customers in Chicago. As part of the settlement, Apple will not need to pay back taxes.

MacDailyNews Take: Surely Chicago will spend these additional monies taken from taxpayers as well as they usually do.

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  1. I have no doubt Lightfoot will use the additional revenue to combat the crime plaguing the city… particularly the black on black crime that nobody speaks of but that makes Chicago THE statistic in the United States.

    I kid, I kid. Lightfoot and her cronies will spend the extra tax revenue on some bullshit boondoggle that only helps them stay in power and does nothing for the taxpayers.

  2. Apple has no cause for complaint. It is company run by a Leftwing douche-nozzle, and it advocates for leftwingers and leftwing policies. This tax is a leftwing policy.

    So, what’s the problem, Apple?

    You asked for it, and now you’re getting it. Good and hard.

  3. I guess no Republican administration, at any level of government, has ever engaged in such flagrant tax rip offs! Yeah right! If you believe that, can I interest you in a bridge in NYC?

      1. No, you’re not talking about Chicago. You trolls ALWAYS flip the script to R versus D, no matter what the subject originally was.

        You have no clue about the origin or reasons for this tax, nor what its proceeds are actually earmarked for. You’re just slinging mud as fast as your MDN enablers allow.

        But since this is coming from a few brainwashed idiots who think everyone is a liar except DJT, we moderate apolitical majority realize that reality isn’t anything with which you have an association. You’re just ruining what could have been a decent website.

          1. Everytime Sam types, he uses the same juvenile approach, demonstrating neither knowledge nor desire for understanding. He is the perfect hypocrite, unable to function in the real world, taking out all his frustrations from his failures out on imaginary internet scapegoats, criticizing everyone for faults he displays every day.

            And he thinks he’s intelligent.

            1. Turns out he is correct and you libturds deserve the scorn. There is no point in trying to educate you as you have severe learning disabilities. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be libturds

              When you are dead, you don’t know it. The pain is only felt by others. Same thing when you are stupid.

        1. I hear supporters of Donald Trump are compared to cultists. Trump hasn’t hit that big league status as there are no school teachers indoctrinating school children with idiotic songs. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

          1. Video proves CONCLUSIVELY what independents and Republicans have known for decades. The obvious exception, the DENIAL Democrats incapable of understanding.

            ~ Video confirms early student indoctrination promoting the Democrat President and his party over a decade ago. Present day, indoctrination escalated with Critical Race Theory, racism, and gender identity to young innocent students.

            ~ Teacher Unions are an operating extension of the Democrat Party.

            ~ Education industry ranks 5th highest donor to Biden’s 2020 campaign, donating: $73,651,434. Can you imagine what $74 million could do for education expenses and keeping students SAFE.

            ~ School districts receive taxpayer funds from the federal government, state government and local citizens paying school property taxes their entire life. If payment missed, the county government can seize and sell the property for a profit, regardless of the value and taxpayer financial situation. Big Government aiding and abetting teacher unions through an enforcement arm.

            ~ U.S. member of OECD since 1961 participating in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) combined science, reading and mathematics scores. Education rank: In 2018, U.S. ranked 22nd out of 38 countries despite gold standard funding and resources 21 countries ranked higher do not have available.

            ~ U.S. ranked 5th in education spending per student, a breakdown from NCES: “In 2018, the United States spent $14,400 per full-time-equivalent (FTE) student on elementary and secondary education, which was 34 percent higher than the average of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries of $10,800 (in constant 2020 U.S. dollars). At the postsecondary level, the United States spent $35,100 per FTE student, which was double the average of OECD countries ($17,600).”

            ~ Teachers and their unions are the Number One SACRED COWS [Media industry term] protected and promoted by Big Media and the Democrat candidates EVERY ELECTION. Alarming absence of Pulitzer caliber investigations into malfeasance of taxpayer funding, nepotism in contracts and political ties to the Democrat Party.

            Bottom Line: The noble profession of teaching in the U.S. corrupted by money and government union leadership. Funds wasted by school boards and misappropriated by teacher’s unions for political purposes needs to be investigated at the highest levels.

            Sadly, teachers today are more beholden to unions, than students and their parents…

          2. @ Speaking of “brainwashed idiots”

            Jobs was not a brainwashed idiot and in 1995 lambasted problems in education and inherent Democrat dominated obedient unions.

            Fingers crossed it is not too late to save our children…

        2. Yes, @Think is writing specifically about Chicago. You read the post, what’s the problem? Noticed you did not comment on the substance of the post or stay on topic before your political rant.

  4. Since Apple, through its accounting mumbo-jumbo, hardly pay any taxes to pay for services it enjoys, cities like Chicago have to resort to these measures. Apple, you’re so rich, just be a good corporate citizen and pay some taxes. Sigh. Sad that Apple no longer excites its fan base. Why? ‘cuz it is no longer motivated to delight users. Only to delight its stockholders.

  5. Chicago has recently lost the Boeing and Caterpillar corporations, along with a $35 billion investment fund because of safety concerns. They have now even lost the Chicago Bears NFL team to the suburbs.

    So to recoup losses they now have issued over 3 million speeding camera tickets YTD to its citizens, mainly affecting the poor.

    Now there is an additional tax to it’s citizens.

    You would think they would oust the current leadership for someone who can fix the problems, but Cook County is famous for election fraud where the voters are not allowed to select leaders based on merit. In 2016 Bernie witnesses went to court to detail what was happening in the dem primaries but they were overruled.

    Good luck.

    1. All true. Now let’s dig deeper.

      Boeing relocated its HQ to D.C because its CEO is hands-on repairing relations with the FAA and the Pentagon. Boeing’s biggest footprint remains in the northwest where aluminum is cheap to process thanks to abundant natural hydroelectric power. A prior CEO’s decision to move to Chicago never made sense, but that is no reflection of the city itself.

      Caterpillar has had a major footprint in Texas for decades and has been accelerating its investment there for an obvious and well documented reason: it wants to be as close as possible to its Mexico supply chain. So a move of 240 people isn’t as big a deal as one might think. It also doesn’t hurt that the state of Texas is handing out tax exemptions by the dozens to entice corporations to move anything and everything they can to the lone star state. How that plays out for the taxes on average citizens and the creaky power grid there in the face of record heat waves, remains to be seen. FYI, the origins of Caterpillar trace to Stockton, CA. Founder Benjamin Holt bought a plant in Peoria, Illinois in 1909 and merged with C.L Best to form Caterpillar in 1925. Peoria wasn’t, and still isn’t, considered a liberal or Democrat-dominated community. Caterpillar is keeping those 17,000 manufacturing jobs in Illinois.

      Speed cameras don’t mainly affect the poor, they affect people who speed. It is true that people with bad judgment are overwhelmingly poor drivers and financially poor, but that is hardly partisan. Yes, automation of traffic law enforcement has created more problems than it solves. It undermines the average citizen’s trust in law enforcement authorities and may undermine the leeway that human law enforcement may use to nudge people to be safer without harsh measures. Practically all cities of all political persuasions employ significant revenue generation via some kind of parking and traffic law enforcement scheme, automated or otherwise. They claim they need the revenue to fund the important policing that every citizen claims they want. How many police officers do you recommend per city resident? How does a city of 2.7 million people pay for your desired level of law enforcement? If you believe in law & order and fiscal responsibility, then what’s the answer? Hire more cops but only pay them minimum wage? Somebody in Chicago mistakenly thought that automation would remove bias in policing, raise revenue, and solve traffic issues. In conservative SLC (and other cities), they are doing the exact same thing with over 700 cams and counting.

      The usual MDN gang seems hyper-focused on South Chicago’s social ills but the city is enormous, with world class stuff downtown and high end suburbs with impressive history. Chicago’s longstanding financial problems may have a significant political element, but it’s also dealing with a slew of problems not far different than any other rust belt city, regardless of political lean. Its infrastructure is aging and beaten hard by an unattractive winter climate, it is overpopulated especially with low-education former factory workers whose employers never invested in them, it has corrupt influences from right and left because – news flash- the mob ain’t partisan. They’re equal opportunity plunderers, and they operate in every large city worldwide.

      Also, despite all the partisan mudslinging, Illinois is growing while many other former manufacturing centers are decaying. Chicago still has more corporate headquarters than anybody but NYC, and it has several top universities, none of which have a reputation for being liberal (unless Sam gets his big sharpie out and relabels the U. of Chicago too liberal for his extreme tastes). At the state level, Illinois represents the 5th largest economy in the USA. Why aren’t “red” states doing better? Let’s make judgement with complete picture facts rather than cherry picked political gotcha games.

      Finally, the two parties have destroyed the voters ability to select leaders on merit nationwide for over 200 years. Until both corrupt entrenched parties are defunded and severed from election processes nationwide, and all elections carefully managed in a nonpartisan, publicly funded, transparent ranked choice voting system; you’ll see every state and city, not just Chicago, increasingly struggle with its issues. You just don’t get the full story from the usual partisan talking heads.

      1. Disagree with much of what you wrote. Illinois is losing population faster than any other state. Convention revenues are plummeting due to extreme union rules, such as not allowing anyone to even plug a cord into a socket. Conservative college towns? Evanston used to be a methodist religious town, didn’t even allow alcohol sales or fast food restaurants until the 1980’s…but now they push BLM, Reparations, and LGBTQ education week for K-3 elementary students. What families will move in supporting that? The literal data that is collected shows that a majority of tickets go to the lowest income south side citizens, who are less likely to pay on time and therefore incur double fines, affecting car insurance costs — the affluent are unaffected. They already sold off all parking meters to a private company charging 3x the parking fees of all other cities with no additional revenue coming into the city budget. The last prominent building built in Chicago was Trump Tower, and I don’t anticipate much more will follow.

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