Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter may not be long for this world

Apple’s slowest iPhone charger, the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter, is no longer available to purchase in some countries around the world.

Apple's 5W USB Power Adapter
Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

As noted by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, the 5W charger is currently sold out on Apple’s online store in Japan. With a quick spot check, we found the charger is also sold out or completely removed on Apple’s online store in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, and several other countries.

Apple continues to sell the 5W charger for $19 in the United States, as well as in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and some other countries.

Unlike Apple’s newer USB-C chargers, the 5W charger is equipped with a USB-A port and is not capable of fast charging.

MacDailyNews Take: Adios, anachronism!

Note: Apple stopped including a charger in the box with iPhones as of the release of the iPhone 12 on October 23, 2020.

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  1. The day has passed when it made sense to buy any Apple accessories. You can get better products at better prices from 3rd parties now.

    That said, there is a reason to toss out slow chargers. Even the latest batteries last for more recharge cycles if they are trickle charged instead of being hammered with aggressive charging current. The iPhone software is supposed to regulate its recharge but Apple has absolutely no incentive for your battery to last beyond the warranty period. Slow charge whenever you can using a low current charger you already own.

    I hope Apple finally wakes up and ditches Lightning. USB-C isn’t perfect but it works and it would save everyone money. Unfortunately the beancounters at increasingly greedy Apple will use this as an excuse to jack up the prices of all their poorly designed unergonomic white accessories. So Apple will of course comply with charger spec but will force iOS buyers to get Lightning adapters. Market bully move…..

    After years of anti-EU rhetoric from the MDN troll network, now you switch the narrative and cheer that Apple is finally joining the logical regulatory position to standardize mobile chargers (within reason).


    Somebody needs to regulate Big Tech. Since US Congress hasn’t done any real tech oversight since clamping down on Microsoft, it’s good the EU has a backbone.

  2. “ After years of anti-EU rhetoric”…

    Well they are socialists who believe more govt is the solution to everything.

    USB-C is a totally effed standard, your cable could be USB 2, or 3, support this or that standard etc

    The only good thing about USB-C is the connector.

    That’s it.

    The rest is a nightmare.

    I hope your iPhone never melts from a dodgy cable.

    1. USB-C cables have been terrible in my experience. Forget “1 cable to rule them all” when only certain cables will work for certain use cases and devices, frequent trial and error or simply keeping the correct cable with the relevant device at all times. At least with the white Apple lightning cable I know it will work every time with compatible devices and I know what it is immediately.

    2. You got it backwards.


      They are the geniuses who, despite having already developed their own unique connector, decided to adopt the USB-C physical connector after 2 generations.

      They were stupid enough to think a tiny wavy symbol on devices that looks like a scratch would communicate to users that their connection was more capable than USB. They made no effort to clearly label cables. To top it off they did nothing to signify to users the differences between TB3 and TB4.

      So don’t blame the USB consortium that some dumbass product managers in Thunderboltland can’t find their way out of a wet paper bag.

      USB never promised instant file transfer or seamless HD video with 6 channel audio in high definition. Thunderbolt did, they simply botched every aspect of functional labeling, foolproofing and customer information possible.

      But Apple bought into Thunderbolt so you won’t hear a peep of complaint from notoriously whiny MDN on it.

  3. This is nothing more than an elite power grab.

    Once again the powerful take the little guy out, toss him aside and make way for their well connected friends.

    “Hey Babe, I’ve got a bigger, faster XXXformer that can take care of you anywhere you plug it in….so….what do you say? Let me juice you up!”

    1. Are you new to the infamous Apple Tax? Nobody charges so much for simple accessories as Apple. Nobody.

      But Apple goes the extra special steps to make sure their connections always need an adapter. Been that way for decades.


  4. It should be remembered that when receiving power, both or either ends of USB-C connectors use ULE Bluetooth to mesh with others nearby to drip export select data back to their Chinese manufacturers. Slowly, slowly, a data picture of you is being assembled…

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