Apple backs affirmative action in U.S. Supreme Court case

Apple is among a group of nearly 80 companies filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of affirmative action programs being challenged at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Bloomberg News:

The brief filed Monday argues corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts “depend on university admissions programs that lead to graduates educated in racially and ethnically diverse environments.”

“Only in this way can America produce a pipeline of highly qualified future workers and business leaders prepared to meet the needs of the modern economy and workforce,” the brief said. The cases are the first on affirmative action to come before the justices since conservatives gained a 6-3 majority.

In the latest cases, Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina, the plaintiffs say affirmative action not only hurts white applicants, but amounts to an “anti-Asian penalty,” too.

UNC responds that race is only one of “dozens of factors” that the school “may consider as it brings together a class that is diverse along numerous dimensions—including geography, military status, and socioeconomic background.”

Weighing in on politically controversial issues also carries new risks as stakeholders like employees and legislators press companies in different directions, The Conference Board research group warned in a May 2022 report.

MacDailyNews Take: Regarding affirmative action, as we wrote back on December 31, 2015:

Getting the absolute best people should remain Apple’s ultimate goal. Forced diversity carries its own set of problems. Would the group be comprised of the best-qualifed people possible or would it be designed to hit pre-defined quotas? Would some employees, consciously or unconsciously, consider certain employees, or even themselves, to be tokens meant to fill a quota? That would be a suboptimal result for Apple and everyone involved.

The best and desired outcome is for the quest for diversity to work in Apple’s favor. Truly looking at qualified people from a larger pool would likely result in delivering different viewpoints and new ways of looking at things and tackling problems than a more homogenized workforce would likely be capable of delivering.

Regardless and of course, someday it sure would be nice for everyone to just be able to evaluate a person’s potential, not measuring and tabulating superficial, meaningless things like skin color and gender.

How do we ever get to the point where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” when we insist on judging people by the color of their skin?

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  1. We live in a topsy turvy world where someone who infantilizes minorities and makes absurd statements like black people don’t know how to get a driver’s license is the paragon while someone who believes minorities have agency and believes they can achieve on their own is the racist.

    1. Welcome to libturd’s America.

      We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals. Transvestites lecture us on human biology. Baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics.

      Now, watch the libturds downvote the facts.

      1. You’re free to spout your opinions, but that don’t make them “facts”:

        Being gay has nothing to do with morality, or do you think all heterosexual people — including serial killers — are moral by default? Transvestites can certainly lecture us on human biology, but only if that’s their field of study. Women who choose if and when to have a child aren’t baby killers, any more than guys who jerk off are baby killers. And frankly, we need more socialists to lecture us on economics; unfettered capitalism has screwed over most of the US population for decades, to the benefit of a tiny elite.

        And yes, those are my opinions, and they’re just as valid as yours. (By the way, you really need to update your slurs; “libturd” is just so 2010.

        1. No, your first grade teachers lied when they said that there is no such thing as a wrong opinion. You have been living a lie your entire life.

          You probably agree that an obese, mentally ill freak is a good choice to be in charge of physical and mental health.

          And this kind of LIBTURD stupidity is why a lying, corrupt, racist, dementia patient and a whore are installed in the White House

          The crashing economy, crashing stock market, record high gas and record high inflation is NOT Biden’s fault. It’s the fault of the fucking stupid voters that supported him

            1. The first libturd to swing from the trees will be Applecynic with a PC cable of some kind. Well deserved, too.

        2. NO, we don’t need socialists lecturing anyone on extreme left dogma. And they would be the first to complain if patriots and constitutionalists lecture them on anything.

          Sam for the most part is spot on the tipsy turvy world the extreme leftists foisting their views on everyone, while disrespecting people that think differently.

          One sided is the PROBLEM…

    2. Everyone here is right. Affirmative Action does increase diversity, and affirmative action is unfair to many students who have demonstrated and exceeded the high levels of excellence many institutions normally require.

      That’s right. You’re all correct. Our biggest disagreement is over equity vs. equality. I.e. equal outcome vs equal opportunity. I prefer equal opportunity. I don’t want to be given a chance because I am black, I want to prepared to seize the opportunities put before me. I want to be prepared to compete. I want to be trained as well as the rich guy on the other side of town. I don’t want to take his place because of color.

      Discrimination is discrimination. It is not bigotry. It is not racism. It is not prejudice. It is not hate. If a university excludes whites and Asians in order to include less qualified people of color, it has made a race based choice and discriminated against whites and Asians. This is certainly not fair. In addition, lowering standards to bring any group of people into college often sets them up to fail. This does not create the diversity everyone wants.

      We need to prepare students who are “at risk” of not qualifying for universities from the moment they enter K-12. We must teach children HOW TO LEARN. We much teach children HOW TO STUDY. Teaching kids to aim for academic excellence is VASTLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN TEACHING THEM UTTER CRAP LIKE CRITICAL RACE THEORY.

      We much teach them how to learn and study, and why they must do these things, and how their lives will be different if they do. Not only studying, learning, taking notes, and so on, but life studies including building wealth, preparing for retirement from day 1 of your first job. Living minimalist lives. Avoiding conspicuous consumption. Students must be conditioned to love doing well in school.

      Preparing students to enter college from day 1 is the RIGHT WAY to increase diversity. If you wait until they’re graduating from high school, and then ask a college to make an exception for their lack of preparedness, you are setting them up to fail, pushing racist idea that they are incapable, and creating resentment in the minds of students who were prepared and would have succeeded.

      And if we are unwilling to prepare students for college properly from day 1, at the very least we need to allow SCHOOL CHOICE. Parents should have the opportunity to choose those schools they know will best prepare their children. Teachers should remember they are there to prepare students for life, not increase the ranks of the contemporary Bolshevik proletariat. We must pay teachers more. Or they will continue to train the next generation of “woke” dumbasses, and more parents will be asking themselves, “Why, after spending $300,000 on collage is my child in jail for firebombing a police car?”

      There will of course be students that simply are not cut out for university educations. We must prepare these students for opportunities that they can take advantage of. Military, trades, and other other careers come to mind.

        1. Fair enough. In fact, you could say that anything that tries to make up for injustices from the distant past is a reparation of some sort. In the case where I am suggesting that we do more to teach American kids to excel in America you could say this is a reparation, but at the same time it is paying forward toward a better America.

        2. Sheeez. Stuck on woke, again….😉

          But you bring up an interesting point, far reaching implications spanning thousands of years.

          I’m of Slavic descent, so knew beforehand: “The term slave has its origins in the word slav. The slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD.”

          “Slavery operated in the first civilizations (such as Sumer in Mesopotamia, which dates back as far as 3500 BC). Slavery features in the Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi which refers to it as an established institution. Slavery was widespread in the ancient world.”

          I doubt the descendants of Spartacus or Ben Hur will be asking anytime soon to be included in the government reparations pool. Many civilizations throughout history can make similar valid claims, NOT the answer. That said, agree with theloniousmac: “anything that tries to make up for injustices from the distant past is a reparation of some sort.”

          Present day, the welfare of some classes of people in China should concern everyone, except Cook and other greedy business buddies Nike, NBA, et al…

          1. If your ancestors were brought somewhere as property, without rights, and who’s dignity, identity, and culture were removed, and you are still feeling those repercussions today, I would say some kind of correction is called for.

            TTM is right, no question, it is inequity. You’re right too, it applies to caste, clan, and strata. Point is, it’s a bigger injustice to not have it, and I don’t know the answer.

            1. “I would say some kind of correction is called for.”

              Correction, yes. Reparations, no. But I don’t believe it takes place in the homeland any longer…

  2. Whenever “equity” is embraced/legislated/adopted, under the guise of fairness or equality, the result is the same; someone is ALWAYS treated less fairly than another.

    There is absolutely no exception…regardless of narrative, or spin.

    1. Okay Ben Orwell, does that include the US Constitution, which required a century of suffering and a bloody war before the 13th Amendment finally ensured all men are created equal in the eyes of the law?

      Or do you prefer overt discrimination, which seeks to keep the previously discriminated down by Jim Crow tactics, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, unequal school funding, and a litany of entrenched economic biases?

      Let’s at least try to enact what the US Constitution promises. Country before party. Do what you say and say what you do. Whining about equal rights is as stupid as whining about losing a fair football game. Be glad you got to play.

      1. “Or do you prefer overt discrimination, which seeks to keep the previously discriminated down by Jim Crow tactics, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, unequal school funding, and a litany of entrenched economic biases?”

        You do know you defined the Democratic Party and none of your so called “Fact Checkers” at .Facebook, Twitter, Snopes, Vox, Reuters, etc. can squirm their way out of it!

        1. Of course, that was the Democratic Party in the South of the 1950s (and earlier). Between JBJ’s come-to-Jesus moment with the Civil Rights Act and Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” the racists in the Deep South changed their affiliation virtually overnight from solid blue to deep red. And I’m sure you know that. Kind of like having to go back 160 years to Abe Lincoln to show the Republican Party’s embrace of civil rights.

          1. “the racists in the Deep South changed their affiliation virtually overnight from solid blue to deep red.”

            You are a BALD FACED LIAR!!!

            Lincoln and Republicans freed the slaves and have supported civil rights decades LONGER than the Johnny come lately Democrat Party of the 1960s.

            Since LBJ’s Great Society TRILLIONS have been spent and minorities in Blue cities and states live in the WORST conditions as a result of lip service and FAILED Democrat LEADERSHIP.

            Black and Hispanic voters have figured this out since Trump turned the political swamp world on its head and record numbers are shifting to the Republican Party of ALL THE PEOPLE.

            Not the carve out Democrat Party splintering and classifying people into groups and income levels with incessant labels, pandering and throwing taxpayer money at problems that never get fixed. Long on excuses and short on solutions Democrats and record spending take no responsibility for failure. Bottom Line: Trump’s policies lifted everyone UP.

            Tell the TRUTH, Damnit!!…

          2. The old “the party’s switched” argument is so pathetic, it’s childish. “We changed sides!”

            No such thing happened.

            There are people with racist feelings everywhere, no doubt in red states and no doubt just as many in blue states. It is in blue states and the Democratic party where I find the most deeply institutionalized racism though,

            Racism is, after all, a primitive form of collectivism. The approach the left takes to race is based on categorization of people by race, the assumption that non-white races are incapable of succeeding on their own, and the act of antagonizing racial hatred at every possible opportunity, primarily through the use of lies. The antagonizing is done to make people feel they are victims. It is done to create the basis for racial or cultural Marxism. It’s all “wokeism.”

            Ya know, science says there is no such thing as race, that race is a social construct. I.e. there is nothing in the human genome that identifies a “race.” Yet the people who are always claiming to be proponents of science refuse to acknowledge this fact. In addition the same people are always claiming that everything (almost literally everything) is some kind of social construct refuse to acknowledge this about race. This is because race is too useful to them the way it is,

            The left is the home of racism in America, past, present, and I suspect future. So called progressivism is where eugenics came from. Eugenics is pure, distilled, racism. Hitler took lessons from American eugenics proponents. AKA progressives. The REAL white supremacists. This has never changed. There has never been some kind of switch, only in the way the left uses race. Yes there are still old red state dumb asses running around (THE PRESIDENT IS ONE OF THEM), but the most vile and disgusting users and manipulators of race in America are Democrats.

  3. You are obviously conflating and, or confusing equality with equity. The difference is as far from east to west.

    The 2nd paragraph’s examples to “back-up” your argument, epitomize the dreck where the conflation occurs. The Constitution speaks of equality on issues mentioned. It says absolutely nothing about equity.

    Look up the two words and then offer a retort. Btw, life isn’t “fair” for all people and some point, or many, in their lives.

    1. The difference between equality of opportunity (which is not happening in many regions of the world for well documented reasons) and equity is simply time. When all have equal access and transparency of information, the community as a whole produces more. The excess production can be sold to purchase equity next year.

      But if you keep reminding the have-nots that they don’t deserve equality, then they will, on average, fall behind. Broad distributed equity is a trailing indicator that proves whether everyone is getting a fair shot.

      Now you tell us: in the USA for the last few decades, has wealth increasing flowed to all hardworking citizens, or has the cream been skimmed by a small number of mutibillionaires? Do you think Cook earned his stock options? Are you happy that a NY developer spends more time refinancing overpriced coastal condos than investing in the growing rust belt?

      Get perspective. The billionaire class has conned you into thinking they deserve more than the average American, and then they tell you if your shrinking slice of the pie is skimpy, you should blame one of the many scapegoats they identify for you. Stop listening to them. There is a middle ground. Lefties need to stop giving handouts and facilitating druggies and low level crime, and right wingers need to stop handing their democracy to corporate despots.

  4. The focus: 1st post and the essence: mandating/legislating equity under the guise of equality, ALWAYS makes it less fair for someone.

    This is telling: “Broad distributed equity is a trailing indicator that proves whether everyone is getting a fair shot.”

    The statement typifies the mindset in most western countries. Wealth imbalance is a real concern and there are many reasons for it. “distributed equity” sounds nice, but it does NOTHING to solve the wealth imbalance and it does nothing but incentivize redistribution…which is a practice that’s inherent in socialism/communism. “Show me an incentive and I’ll show you an outcome.” (Charlie Munger). For many that think socialism is so great, here’s an origin thought: “socialism is just the lower phase of communism used to facilitate true communist puerility which is its highest phase”. –Lenin

    Equity in action, is very much related to “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Karl Marx. The statement refers to free access to and distribution of goods, capital and services.

  5. I’m betting Apple’s social war stops at the CCP’s Great Wall of murder, enslavement, forced abortions, rape and systematic genocide of ethic minorities. We may soon see how Apple responds when the CCP invades Taiwan, I wonder if Apple will stand in solidarity along with other democratic nations and corporations in support of Taiwan over CCP China like they stand with Ukraine over Russia. Does anyone think Apple will encourage donations to support the free people of Taiwan like the are doing with Ukraine. Apple’s moral leadership and courage is a calculated marketing and PR move that is ultimately controlled by the price of their stock.

    This is Apple’s business partner

    Source : PBS (more “right wing” Conspiracy and propaganda)

    And this is the mild stuff … the treatment of Falun Gong is so evil … yes Apple the supporter affirmative action… I guess it depends on what you mean by “action” and what you mean by “affirmation”

    1. Logic, in the strict narrow sense of the word, isn’t the issue. It’s pragmatic. If you want a better long term outcome for everyone, then sometimes people with deep pockets (or abilities or whatever) have to pay a little more now. People trying to cast this as Marxism are missing the point.

      When I purchase a fishing license for my grandson, his license is always cheaper than mine. I’m not going to go off all triggered about how the DNR is discriminating against me. In my advanced age I can still drive to more fishing holes and catch more fish than he. Selling fishing licenses to non-driving minors at a reduced rate introduces them to a wonderful lifetime activity that can benefit everyone, and hopefully will teach the next generation the importance of conservation. I will gladly support this “discrimination”. There are a billion more examples that prove how the best long term results don’t occur when the people with the most resources act selfishly and demand they shouldn’t contribute any more than the least affluent person in the community.

      When you boil down the arguments from the loudmouths on this board who scream “libturd” at everyone, it’s plain to see they are selfish misanthropes void of any community engagement or long term thinking.

      1. Cool story, bro. Now imagine going to get a fishing license with your grandson, and when you get to the counter the clerk tells you that they can’t sell you a license because people who have similar skin tone to you have already gotten a disproportionate amount of the fishing licenses available. I suppose in this scenario you would just have to “check your privilege” and be grateful that you wasted a trip to get a fishing license and walk away empty handed.

        1. I reject your snarky attitude. I speak truth, and you say “Cool story.” Our conversation has ended because you have nothing to offer but a ridiculous straw horse scenario that exposes your inability to stick to reality, and in no way invalidates my factual explanation of why certain things are the way they are, for the long term benefit of all. Goodbye.

          1. @steve88 you did not answer intelligently to a brilliant fishing license price COUNTER analogy.

            Instead, you whined like a snowflake about attitude I did not detect and deflected: “straw horse scenario that exposes your inability to stick to reality”

            I’ll challenge your opinion of reality and claim of speaking the truth, no “straw horse” required.

            You called a reduced-price youth fishing license for “non-driving minors” and non-working minors — “discrimination?” Do you also believe all Senior Citizen discounts at grocery stores, restaurants, etc. are discrimination? Does the IRS practice discrimination on how much tax money they collect from various individuals and businesses? To say you are gladly discriminated against is false and utterly ridiculous! Does not follow the classic definition that mainly involves race.

            Regarding @DogmaticAtheist brilliant analogy playing off yours:
            “clerk tells you that they can’t sell you a license because people who have similar skin tone to you have already gotten a disproportionate amount of the fishing licenses available.”

            My take: affirmative action.
            Your take: non-answer, mischaracterization, righteous indignation, preaching false benefits, and shut down conversation.

            You just confirmed masquerading morally superior elitist you are not up to the challenge in the arena of ideas…

    2. Exactly RIGHT, sherm66!

      Once again Cook’s narrow understanding and participation in woke extreme liberal politics leads to unpopular REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.

      “The use of race-based criteria by institutions of higher learning in the admissions process isn’t popular in the United States.

      Surveys from both Pew Research Center and Gallup have indicated that nearly 75 percent of Americans of all races “do not believe race or ethnicity should be a factor in college admissions.”

      Views you won’t hear from Big BIASED Media, full story:

  6. mis·an·thrope | ˈmis(ə)nˌTHrōp | (also misanthropist | misˈanTHrəpist | )
    a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society: Scrooge wasn’t the mean-spirited misanthrope most of us believe him to be.

    Wrong. The only hate is not for humankind, the hate is for libturdkind

    You have no idea how much American despise libturds.

      1. Not liberal, at least not in today’s terms.

        “The Constitution was designed by the Framers to be a radically progressive document. The founding generation was comprised of revolutionaries, people who sought to make a new system of government that broadened rights rather than limited them. Their handiwork was itself thoroughly reformed by another group of progressives: the radical Republicans who added the Reconstruction Amendment.”

        But what is interesting the progressives of 1776 are the Conservatives of 2022. And today’s woke liberals — batsh*t INSANE…

  7. As long as these kind of discriminations exist, the gov. will have to step in to write anti-discrimination laws. These kind of laws are always a compromise, weakened by interests what profit from discrimination. If you don’t like the laws, then blame profiteering discriminators.

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