Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to feature periscope lens in iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max haven’t even arrived yet, but the Apple rumor mill never slows. Apple uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Thursday said that Apple will feature a periscope lens exclusively in 2023’s flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max to be following in 2024 with inclusion in iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Periscope camera lens system
Periscope camera lens system

Ming-Chi Kuo via Medium:

The telephoto camera of iPhone will use a periscope design from 2023. The models that adopt a periscope are:

(1) 2H23 new iPhone: iPhone 15 Pro Max.
(2) 2H24 new iPhone: iPhone 16 Pro Max and iPhone 16 Pro.
(3) The main specifications of the periscope for iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 are similar, including 1/3″ 12MP, f/2.8, sensor-shift support, and 5–6x optical zoom.

The main beneficiaries of iPhone’s adoption of periscope are:

(1) LG Innotek (VCM & CCM): the supplier of high-ASP CCM and vertical integration thanks to the entry into VCM/sensor shift supply.
(2) Cowell (CCM): the supplier for high-ASP CCM, with a large room for future growth due to a low base.
(3) Jahwa (VCM): iPhone’s new supplier, benefiting from high-ASP VCM/sensor shift.
(4) Largan (Lens): Likely to be the sole or main supplier of high-ASP lens modules in the initial stage thanks to its technical advantages.
(5) Lante Optics (prism): Likely to be the sole or main supplier of high-ASP prism in the initial stage thanks to its technical advantages.

MacDailyNews Take: With a periscope system, light entering the telephoto lens on the back of the iPhone would be reflected by an angled mirror towards the camera’s image sensor. The change in direction in which the light travels would allow for Apple to fit a longer telephoto setup inside the iPhone, enabling users significantly higher-powered optical zoom capability.

We predict that an iPhone with a high-powered superzoom (digital 50X?) would be tagged a “spy camera” by FUD-spreading rivals and other naysayers.

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  1. I speculated about this idea years ago, back when iPhone just had one back camera, as a way to increase focal length and capability without adding thickness. My version had a rotating mirror that allowed one camera to “look through” openings on front and back of iPhone. Probably overly complex 😉

    It won’t eliminate the big camera bump, because sensor is along thickness of iPhone, and sensor is probably physically larger. And the camera assembly overlaps internally with display component. Edge-to-edge display is now common 🥱 Apple should think different and add (back) a wider border at top and bottom, just wide enough to hold the camera without overlapping inside with display. Plus eliminate need for ugly Face ID notch or holes in screen and rounded corners. Bottom border is for symmetry, but can hold super-fancy microphone and increased internal volume allows larger battery to power enhancements. Even makes iPhone easier to grip securely with both hands horizontally (like when using new camera) and not touch screen by mistake. The resulting iPhone would be more elegant and optimal, without notches, holes, and bumps. A better “pro” iPhone.

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