Apple preps next-gen Apple Pencil 3

Two newly revealed patents, spotted by Patently Apple, suggest that any new Apple Pencil (the next one would be the third iteration) is in the works.

Apple's 2nd generation Apple Pencil
Apple’s 2nd generation Apple Pencil

David Phelan for Forbes:

In one [new patent], called “Touch-based input device with haptic feedback”, the user could, for example, have a palpable, tactile response in certain conditions. This could be great in a coloring app, perhaps, when your Pencil is straying beyond where it should.

This patent suggests a button could be added to the side of the Apple Pencil in future, which could mean all kinds of extra functionality.

The second patent is called “Stylus with touch input and compressive force sensors”, which is another corker of a headline.

It means something interesting, though. As well as the double-tap, new interactions will be possible, such as a slide on the side of the Pencil—arguably easier to do than a double-tap— or a squeeze on the area where the compressive force sensors reside.

MacDailyNews Take: Programmable press-and-hold actions, like we already have with AirPods Pro, and/or double-tap actions, as with AirPods (1st and 2nd generation), would deliver a whole new range of functionality to Apple Pencil.

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      1. I have the original Apple Pencil that works with my two older iPads (iPad mini 5 and 10.5-inch iPad Pro). I don’t use it very much. I’ll try using it more, like for editing photos on my iPad instead of my MacBook.

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