Apple granted U.S. patent for Apple Watch with ‘built-in rotatable camera’

A new U.S. patent granted to Apple hints that future-generation Apple Watch models could allow wearers to take photos and videos from their wrists via a “built-in rotatable camera.”

The display on Apple Watch Series 7 has a unique refractive edge that makes full-screen watch faces and apps appear to seamlessly connect with the curvature of the case.
Apple Watch Series 7

Anthony Cuthbertson for The Independent:

“A camera can be mounted to the housing and configured to capture a picture of a scene through the back side of the housing,” states the patent, which was first spotted by the site Patently Apple.

“A display can be visible through the front side of the housing and configured to display the picture.”

The patent also outlines a design that would allow the camera to “rotate together with the dial” in order to facilitate selfies.

The ‘Watch Having a Camera’ patent was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday, meaning it is unlikely to feature in the upcoming launch of the latest Apple Watch [Series 8].

MacDailyNews Take: Whenever we’re without our iPhones – mostly while running outdoors – we’ve wished we had a camera with us more times than we can count. Pretty much everything else we need is right there on our wrists, but a camera the one thing we miss most when going “iPhone-less.”

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