Is Apple prepping a new family of AirPort Wi-Fi routers?

A new rumor popped up on Thursday that claimed that Apple is working on a new range of AirPort routers and an iCloud Time Machine.

Apple's AirPort Express 802.11n (2nd Generation) was released in June 2012 and discontinued in April 2018
Apple’s AirPort Express 802.11n (2nd Generation) was released in June 2012 and discontinued in April 2018

Andrew Orr for AppleInsider:

The rumor is explicit about how Apple is working on an iCloud-centric Time Machine for Macs and new AirPort hardware…

FCC filings on May 23 has apparently revived some rumors. In that filing, Apple details a device by name of “A2657” and its purpose seems to be as a network adapter of some sort.

We don’t think it’s a new AirPort, because the Wi-Fi on it only supports up to 802.11n and it also includes NFC which would be unusual to see on router. And at 32GB of storage it’s not going to be a new version of AirPort Time Capsule…

The other part of the rumor on Thursday mentions a redesigned version of Time Machine that integrates with iCloud Drive. It would have to be a radical redesign, because this is hugely different than how iCloud Drive or Time Machine currently function… Maybe iCloud Time Machine would work alongside AirPort. A 32GB device suggests that it would contain only the most recent snapshots of your Mac system.

MacDailyNews Take: Fingers crossed that this is true. We’d love to see a reliable Apple AirPort Wi-Fi Mesh System debut at WWDC or this fall!

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  1. Another possibility is that this mystery product could be something to do with the Matter standard for smart homes. Apple are very much involved in developing the Matter Protocol, which is expected to launch later this year.

    1. Myself.

      Recently went back to 2 wired Airport Extremes making it pretty much as fast as the tri-band Orbi it replaced while giving me a dedicated 5 GHz band the mesh systems don’t offer, including the AT&T router with extender used before that!

      Overall the speed is faster because of less dropout from the TV apps that were randomly kicked to 2.4 GHz,

  2. MDN

    Steve introduces WiFi to the masses, and a peek at a clam shell classic:

    “…when it launched AirPort in 1999, kick-starting the entire Wi-Fi wireless revolution,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.” …

    More Airport moving forward:

    Clueless Cook owns killing the popular Apple branded router. The same mentality that discontinued Apple branded monitors.

    Fingers crossed another course correction on the horizon that will blow away the competition…

  3. Tim Cook is a meth cook some days… or maybe he doesn’t want to crush Foxconn’s other customers. It’s weird. Maybe Cook is on meth?

  4. Apple and the rejuvenation and death of certain technologies is interesting and curiously common.

    Maybe the Xserve will have another time in the light?

  5. Apple – please return with Airports.

    Router life is nothing but pain…dealing w/unresolvable HomeKit and wifi signal issues from Linksys/Belkin Velop…and painful painful support…

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