Development of ‘at least one’ iPhone 14 model hit by China COVID lockdowns – Nikkei

Development of “at least one of Apple’s new flagship iPhones for this year” has fallen behind schedule due to disruptions from the monthlong COVID lockdowns in China, Nikkei Asia reports citing “multiple sources with direct knowledge of the matter.”

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro design according to multiple leaks (Image: CONCEPTSIPHONE)
Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro design according to multiple leaks (Image: CONCEPTSIPHONE)

Lauly Li and Cheng Ting-Fang for Nikkei Asia:

Apple has told suppliers to speed up product development efforts to make up for the lost time, which in the worst-case scenario could impact the manufacturing schedule and initial production volumes of the new phones… Lockdowns in and around Shanghai began in late March as part of China’s strict zero-COVID policy, and the impact on supply chains continues to linger despite an easing of restrictions.

“It is challenging to make up for the lost time… Apple and its suppliers are working around the clock to speed up development,” said an executive with an Apple supplier, adding that the pace of reopening in Shanghai is “rather slow.”

The sudden imposition of strict containment measures following a smattering of confirmed cases in the country, followed by monthlong lockdowns in Apple’s most important electronics clusters, caught the tech giant off guard, the people said.

Eddie Han, an analyst with Isaiah Research, told Nikkei Asia… “Currently, we don’t think the delay would immediately affect the schedule for the product launch, but we need to monitor closely whether there are some hidden and longer-term impacts.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like something between relatively minor to a nonevent, but expect Mr. Market not to read the full report and instead overreact to Nikkei‘s headline, “Apple’s iPhone development schedule hit by China lockdowns,” accordingly.

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  1. This is what happens when you put all your eggs into one Chinese basket. Apple is at the mercy of China and the CCP. This is ALL Tim Cook’s fault. He is responsible. Tim Cook fully supports China and the CCP’s existence. The knob slobbing Tim Cook sycophants will yet again cut him a pass and say Cook is the greatest CEO ever. But real investors in Apple know exactly how Cook put Apple in a terrible position that will only get worse as China militarizes more and more.

    FIRE Tim Cook!

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