Best iPhone carriers: Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile

9to5Mac offers a look at the best phone carriers in America, covering Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile alongside some of the best affordable iPhone plans from smaller carriers.


Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

While Verizon has led the best phone carriers as far as having the most customers (and still is) along with the broadest coverage over the last decade, T-Mobile has gained a lot of ground with its Sprint acquisition and quick 5G deployment. That has meant Verizon and AT&T are both playing a bit of catch-up with T-Mobile on 5G coverage as they work on rolling out more mid-band spectrum.

We’ve recently seen AT&T and Verizon increase prices, but strong competition has kept pricing mostly close between the three.

However, as T-Mobile touts, it does usually offer around 20% lower prices for its unlimited plans compared to AT&T and Verizon.

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