Absolutely buy Apple stock at these discount prices

Should you buy Apple stock at these discount prices? Absolutely. Investors who miss the current opportunity in Apple will kick themselves later, Investor Place‘s Alex Sirois writes.

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Alex Sirois for Investor Place:

There are multiple headwinds facing Apple stock currently. The truth is that the company is likely to face sustained issues in the coming weeks. However, it simply makes little sense to bet against it even as it slips from its spot as the world’s most valuable company.

Investors have to ask themselves a question: Which is more likely to hold for the long-term, very high oil prices or Apple as a premier technology company? I’d argue that the latter is much more likely. Yes, the war in Ukraine trudges on. However, Apple’s current woes are more of a consequence of temporary tech woes than anything else.

In other words, Apple will certainly rebound from its current position… Apple is an extremely resilient and powerful company. The idea that it will remain beaten down for an extended period of time is extremely unlikely… Apple will rise again. It may take a few months, but it’s just about as good a bet as there is in the stock market.

MacDailyNews Take: As Warren Buffett, who’s been smartly scooping up Apple shares at a discount of late, once said:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

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  1. Easy for Buffet to say. He’s got money to ride out Bidenomics.

    Buying AAPL with all these economic down indicators is like Democrat Maxine Waters telling homeless protesters to “go home”.

    Anyone with their eyes open can see the economy is going to sh*t in a hand basket. Here is an illustrative view…


    1. The economy IS NOT HITTING THE FAN.

      Inflation is the sign of a growing economy.

      Strong savings has prompted continued demand, and strong job growth.

      Wages are increasing.

      The stock market is volatile because of supply disruptions and war, not lack of corporate cash. Your 401k will bounce back regardless of what corrupt party holds congress, just as soon as the damage from 45’s stupid supply chain wars are fixed.

      But by all means, feel free to panic sell your holdings since you hate everyone at Apple and in Washington right now. don’t delay, liquidate your assets and build your underground bunker.

    2. Please act on your own advice and stay away from Apple stock. DO NOT BUY ANY. And please SELL all you’ve got. Now. Today. I’m buying all I can afford, so dump it all so I can buy it even more cheaply. I thank you now — and I’ll thank you even more next year when I’ll need a bigger hand basket.

      1. How about waiting until the market and economy crash even harder? This headline should encourage you to hold off just a little longer before your big purchase: “Dow Jones Industrial Average On Longest Losing Streak Since 1932” Here’s to hoping the current downward trajectory holds strong for at least a few more years. Heck, if we can get the US into a full blown recession, AAPL will be even cheaper! Cheers!

        1. …because no one can predict the future; the current prices may be the bottom or AAPL may go lower. No one knows except for time travelers and they are not telling. So buy AAPL on the way down and sale on the way up. AAPl is definitely down, so put some of your money in at this point and if it goes down buy more… when AAPL breaks past 180 you could start to sell or continue to grow your positions on dips. Follow these simple rules, be patient, and over time you will make money.

      2. You forget who will still be president next year, who Obama said, leave it to Joe to F things up.

        A bigger basket is not what you’ll need!

        1. Yes, yes. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. No doubt about it. The president absolutely controls the price of Apple stock. So follow your own advice. Please sell your Apple stock as fast as you can. I’m waiting, and so is my bigger basket.

  2. Funny how the brain trust of this site thinks the stock market is directly tied to the POTUS, unless of course it’s inconvenient.

    Reality is, the Fed raised rates to cool the hot economy. The stock market responded exactly as predicted. There hasn’t been any federal law or policy change to drive the market down. The selloff represents profit taking and re-balancing as investors herd mentality rushes to invest in fossil fuels and other former Russian exports. This site doesn’t mention those huge gains.

    Corporations are still making money hand over fist even if Russia is out of the game. Investors need not overreact to the doom and gloom. Putin’s war and the supply chain messes will be resolved in due course. Be glad for the buying opportunities and the prudent choice of the current administration to not send over troops and escalate Ukraine into another world war. That would make the current inflation and supply issues look quaint.

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