Apple to open new retail store in Wuhan, China on Saturday

Last year, Apple began construction for a new store in Wuhan, China, that was originally scheduled to open in September 2022, but it’s significantly ahead of schedule.

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Jack Purcher for Patently Apple:

It will be the first Apple Store in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province. It has a population of more than 11 million and is the ninth-most populous city in China…

Apple is well ahead of schedule on their store in Wuhan and, in fact, is opening the store this Saturday, May 21st.

An Apple statement read: “We are incredibly excited to open our first Apple Store in Hubei Province. Our highly dedicated team of Specialist experts is looking forward to welcoming customers from this vibrant community starting this Saturday. This retail store brings new design elements to China for the first time, giving customers more ways to explore ideas, learn more about Apple products, or more easily pick up items ordered online.”

Apple said that the Apple Wuhan retail store features many of Apple’s latest design elements and is the first retail store in China to set up an exclusive Apple Pickup area to allow customers to more conveniently pick up products ordered online.

MacDailyNews Note: More info and photos of the inside of Apple’s newest retail store .

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  1. Better not be sneezed on, could catch the latest and greatest yet NEW Wuhan virus.

    That aside, Cook is INSANE his insatiable LUST FOR PROFITS is the driving force behind Apple for years, certainly not creativity. Apple should be pulling all operations OUT of China communist country with the worst human rights record.

    How much money is ENOUGH?

    Steve’s worst mistake must be replaced A.S.A.P!!…

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