The Apple Watch Series 8 could feature an all-new flat-edge design with a flat display

According to the leaker known as “ShrimpApplePro,” the Apple Watch Series 8 could feature an all-new flat-edge design with a flat display.

Rumored Apple Watch  Series 8 design
Rumored Apple Watch Series 8 design

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

In his latest video on the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser highlighted information from ShrimpApplePro that suggests the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ could feature a flat display in what seems to be a design originally rumored for the Apple Watch Series 7.

On Twitter, ShrimpApplePro cited sources claiming that “there is a flat front glass display” for the Apple Watch. There is said to be a “high chance that this is the front glass for the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌,” and while there is as yet no clear information about what the overall design could look like or which Apple Watch model the flat display could be destined for, it seems plausible that the information relates to the flat-edged Apple Watch design shared by Prosser last year.

MacDailyNews Take: The rumor mill was perhaps simply a year ahead on the Apple Watch redesign, which, in our opinion, is overdue since we’ve had the same basic design since inception, 7 long years ago. (And, yes, the Apple Watch already has a “flat” display, with only the edges curving to meld into the rounded-edges of the casing. The rumored new display would be flat all the way across to its meeting with the casing edge.)

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  1. A form change is waaay beyond its time. Despite this thought, the top edge looks like a nick, chip, scratch magnet…which is the singular reason I’ve never purch’d an A-Watch…they aren’t made for people that don’t sit behind a desk with manicured fingernails.

    Where’s the rumored outdoor/adventure model that would/could handle the out-of-the-office lifestyle…for people that are seriously physical and actually use their hands to make/create?

    Enough with the effete design.

  2. It’s much cheaper to make a flat screen with flat edges. Elegant curves cost $$$$$$. Remember flat windshields on cars? … I don’t either. Machining and polishing sapphire, glass, stainless steel and aluminum with tight-tolerance rounded edges reduces product profitability but looks tres classy. Maybe Apple could be considering such a cheap flat design as an additional watch line for greater penetration in 4th world countries like Belarus, Russia, and the -stans.

  3. Doubtful, Apple just change the design significantly with Series 7 and the improved display that curves into rounded sides. The current design will likely continue for at least one or two more iterations. If Apple later goes to flat sides, I think the Digital Crown gets replaced too. These bloggers making renders are not designers and don’t think deep enough. The Digital Crown is slightly embedded into the curve of rounded side, which makes it look great and nuanced, like it belong there. With a flat edge, it looks a round knob that sticks out (not embedded), looks terrible and arbitrary next to straight lines. Flat sides will mean some other interface, maybe a touch sensitive edge that goes along one side of watch. But the Digital Crown is charming and adds a sense of nostalgia to Watch, along with rounded edges.

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