Some baseball fans scrambling to find games on Apple TV+, other streamers

To watch all the games they want, many Majore League Baseball fans are juggling multiple streaming services and then be left hoping that the live stream doesn’t crash at a crucial moment.

Fans can tune in to two games on Friday nights during the regular season, available only on Apple TV+
Fans can tune in to two games on Friday nights during the regular season, available only on Apple TV+.

Gerry Smith for Bloomberg News:

Last month, in the third and fourth innings of Apple Inc.’s first baseball broadcast, some viewers found themselves gazing unhappily at a dreaded error message.

Subscriptions to Prime Video start at $9 a month. Peacock’s Sunday slate will be behind a $5-a-month paywall. The games on Apple are free…

Jack Carroll, 65, never misses a Yankees game. But to watch his favorite team this season, he’s had to enlist his son, John, to moonlight in filial tech support.

Recently, John spent 20 minutes on a video chat explaining to his father in New Jersey how to sign up for Apple TV+. Afterward, John tweeted: “Please have sympathy for me and the thousands of other children of boomer Yankee fans going through the same thing tonight.”

“He finds it all very confusing and bewildering,” John, 36, said later in an interview. “It makes me wonder what older fans are doing if they don’t have younger children who know this stuff.”

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, a popular, 62-year-old sports radio host in the New York area, has described baseball’s deal with Apple TV+ as “dangerous.”

“The old-time Met fan living out in Plainview, he’s gonna be raising hell a week from Friday,” Russo said on his SiriusXM radio show before Apple’s first broadcast between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals. “And then baseball wonders why everyone’s so upset.”

MacDailyNews Take: Some old dogs refuse to learn new tricks, however simple they may be.

If they want to watch their teams games on Friday night, they’ll figure out how to sign up to watch currently free games on Apple TV+.

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