iOS 16 will feature refreshed Apple apps; retain current iOS look and feel

A new report says that Apple’s iOS 16 will introduce many major changes to the mobile operating system, but it will retain the current iOS 15 design language.

iOS 15 introduces SharePlay in FaceTime, Live Text using on-device intelligence, redesigned Notifications, and more.
iOS 15 introduced SharePlay in FaceTime, Live Text using on-device intelligence, redesigned Notifications, and more.

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Apple is preparing to unveil its next generation of operating systems during the WWDC 2022 keynote on June 6, prompting rumors as to what will be unveiled. In speculation ahead of the developer conference, Apple is thought to be gearing up for big changes, but with a familiar appearance.

“Major changes across the system” will be introduced, according to Mark Gurman in the “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg. The changes will include “new ways of interacting and some fresh Apple apps,” but Gurman stops short in saying what will actually change.

Despite the new elements, Gurman doesn’t expect Apple to “present a full redesign of the software,” indicating iOS 16 should stay relatively similar to iOS 15 in its general design aesthetic.

MacDailyNews Take: Huge systemwide redesigns are few and far between, so refinenment of the world’s most complete, coherent, and advanced mobile operating system is to be expected.

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  1. The only thing I care about is multitasking and multiple windows. If they don’t do that, there is literally nothing that will interest me. The only reason to upgrade will be to stay current on security updates.

  2. I wish Apple would make better use of the Lock Screen. Even just some basic weather would be great. And better use of the icon bar at the top. Especially with the bigger phones you can get more info up there with very little effort. And although I know it’s only cosmetic, maybe some dynamic screen color themes would be nice to change things up even a little bit. Use it or not. An option. Just changing the wallpaper once a year is getting old. Visually. The OS is so incredibly stagnant.

    1. “Visually. The OS is so incredibly stagnant.”


      Stagnant since the confusing eyesore of iOS 7 when Jony forced his flat austere abstract vision of the world upon our discerning eyes.

      Previously we enjoyed six iOS versions of gorgeous Skeuomorphism visual design courtesy of Scott Forstall collaborating with the great one.

      Since then we have endured 10 versions of the same flat visual mess lacking in cohesion several different styles mish mash. Never let an industrial designer hijack visual communication Graphic Design, two different disciplines.

      Before Scott was railroaded out of Apple with a stellar resume no one in Apple currently can come close, he was working on Skeuomorphism LITE.

      The whole point of skeuomorphism lets designers mimic objects real world counterparts. The “trash can” is, perhaps, the most recognizable example. The photos icon and temperature gauge (Safari) icon, just to name two, fail miserably.

      Obvious Apple does not have the talent to upgrade decade old tired icons to more eye pleasing results strengthening communication.

      Chalk it up as just another failure under Clueless Cook…

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