Workers at Apple supplier factory in China clash with guards over ‘zero-COVID’ lockdowns

Hundreds of workers at an Apple supplier’s factory in China clashed with authorities and flooded past isolation barriers after weeks under draconian lockdowns, a clear breakdown in the Chinese Communist Party’s quixotic effort to achieve “zero-COVID.”

Workers at Apple supplier Quanta Computer's factory in China hop the turnstiles, def up with quixotic 'zero-COVID' lockdowns
Workers at Apple supplier Quanta Computer’s factory in China hop the turnstiles, def up with quixotic ‘zero-COVID’ lockdowns

Bloomberg News:

The Shanghai factory, which is owned by Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. and makes devices for Apple Inc. among others, has been operating under tight restrictions since the beginning of April. In a video shared on Twitter and YouTube, workers rushed through barriers and tangled with guards in white protective gear who tried to keep them inside.

Quanta employees confirmed the clash occurred Thursday evening, while the company did not immediately provide comment. One worker said that people are worried about further tightening because there are positive Covid cases on the campus. The government is taking a central role in managing the plant’s operations, said another employee on-site.

The incident underscores the rising challenges for President Xi Jinping’s hardline strategy in containing the pandemic. China has imposed sweeping lockdowns to quarantine the infected and prevent Covid’s spread, an approach that has sparked unusual protests and complaints in the 25-million strong city of Shanghai. The policy has also threatened China’s economy…

Tensions at the Quanta factory in the Songjiang district of Shanghai boiled over after workers tried to return to dormitories after their shifts, according to Taiwanese media outlet UDN. More than 100 jumped over a gate and ran past the staff without regard for their guidance, it said.

People are getting tired and frustrated under the controls, one of the workers said.

Operations at the facility returned to normal by Friday morning, another worker said.

Quanta is a critical partner for Apple, generating more than 50% of its revenue from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company as it assembles MacBooks and other devices.

MacDailyNews Take: People yearn to be free, especially from idiots tilting at windmills, which — along with the usual atrocities which authoritarianism begets — is why the CCP will someday ultimately will fail.

Memo to China’s CCP:

In general, human-transmissible coronaviruses do not disappear. There is no such thing as zero-COVID. Duh.

COVID-19 is here to stay. It will very likely become endemic, yet pose less danger over time. People will acquire immunity via vaccines (effectiveness TDB) and naturally as they contract and recover from variants like omicron since the partially-effective vaccines permit not only transmissibility, but also breakthrough infections. Influenza and the four human coronaviruses that cause common colds (OC43, 229E, NL63 and HKU1) are, of course, also endemic, but a combination of annual flu vaccines and acquired immunity means that sane societies tolerate the unavoidable seasonal deaths and illnesses they bring without requiring lockdowns, masks, social distancing, indefinite return-to-work delays, etc.

At which point, if ever, will some people decide that wasting away their short lives in abject fear of a bad flu, very likely engineered by China and partially funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, is a hysterical self-defeating overreaction?MacDailyNews, December 16, 2021

The real virus is the panic.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2020

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  1. A progressives dream…to control other people to such an extreme that the progressive will finally be happy, and not annoyed or provoked by anyone they disapprove of or disagree with.

    1. You really believe that only “progressives” dream of such things?
      What about conservatives in the USA, who want to control women’s right to abortion? They dream of subjugating the entire population to squeeze everyone into their narrow conservative mindset. Such people won’t be satisfied until the USA has become Gilead.

      Not a dream….a nightmare.

      1. You are very confused. Conservatives / Republicans want the people to decide. That is the OPPOSITE of centralized control that is favored by Democrats / Liberals / Progressives.

        ⒈ Conservatives want SCOTUS to follow the Constitution, not legislate from the bench as they did in Roe v. Wade.

        ⒉ Voters have a right to vote on issues such as abortion. In each state.

        ⒊ Roe v. Wade was an abomination to the Constitution. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said as much.

        ⒋ Women don’t have a “right to abortion.” It’s not in the Constitution.

        ⒌ Let the voters decide, instead of dictating by fiat. That is the American system.

        1. Your handle is somewhat contradictory, as you appear to make up your own facts.

          You said: Republicans want the people to decide.
          Correction: Republicans want to decide.

          Ruth Bader Ginsburg was strongly in favour of women having equal rights to men, and being able to exercise those rights. Ginsburg said that she believed it would have been easier for people to understand why the Constitution protected abortion rights if the matter had been framed as one of equal protection rather than privacy.

          In any case, the Roe v Wade decision was made by a predominantly conservative bench, who made the judgement based on law, not politics or religious beliefs.

      2. Wrong. Stop watching CNN/MSDNC. It makes you sound very stupid.

        “The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority.” — Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

        “Arrogated” means “to take or claim something without justification.”

        “The Supreme Court merely usurped power in order to jam down its political opinions on millions of Americans; Roe didn’t end national controversy on abortion, it froze it in place, preventing states from adopting regulations tailored to their voters. Overturning Roe would merely restore the question of abortion to the states.” — Ben Shapiro

      3. How is letting people actually vote on the issue, as conservatives rightly wish to bring about, “controlling” them, genius?

        You are a moron. This isn’t a TV show. You don’t understand the issue.

        Don’t vote. When idiots like you vote (and stuff unmonitored drop boxes without a chain of custody), we get what the type of disaster we’re stuck with now.

        1. Democrat hater: are you on the right website? What does your offensive tripe have to do with Macs, or the article, or reality?

          It is hilarious how you come here regularly to shill for the Citizens United party that has ALWAYS served the multinational robber baron first and the citizens last. You have been thoroughly conned if you think the GOP isn’t in bed with the CCP, outsourcing your job while keeping you riled up with increasing extremism rhetoric that they themselves don’t believe. The billionaires club got you to believe in trickledown, now they got you believing you have a voice in DC. If you did, why do you endlessly whine that all elections are fraudulent when your party has had YEARS to reform the system?????? Wake up and realize that the GOP is for sale to the highest bidder just like everyone else in Washington

      4. Dumb ass:

        “I’m not prepared to leave that to the whims and the, and the, of the public at the moment in local areas.” – Joe Biden on leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion that would reverse the Roe v. Wade decision

        Biden wants to control by judicial dictate. Conservatives / Republicans want to let the people decide as the Constitution requires.

        It’s not at all difficult (unless you all you consume is leftist legacy corrupt media).

      5. How do conservatives want to control women’s right to abortion? The far left wackos dream of subjugating the entire population to squeeze everyone into their narrow non-inclusive fake inclusive mindset. Such people wan’t be satisfied until the USA has become Venezuela or China or Cuba.

        Not a dream… a nightmare.

      6. For essential context, conservatives in the USA believe the object of women’s freedom to have an abortion is actually a living being. That’s an odd “freedom” to bestow upon another being.

        I guess you haven’t read much on the topic, but many legal scholars on BOTH sides agree, Roe v Wade was bad law/constitutionally bereft. In addition, the potential change DOES NOT outlaw abortion, but will hand the choice to each state. Again, this is consistent with the Constitution.

        Because heralding a life, I agree, it may look like “squeezing everyone” into a certain POV (law). Beyond this one issue, please name another where the conservative POV “constricts” the population in an authoritarian manner? Conservatives “lose” this bet by grand margins all day long.

        1. Hypocrisy. You have medieval beliefs that need to get with the times. If a woman has freedom to plan a family, it might be news to you, she can support healthy children in a proper home environment when she is able to do so. Not every egg is sacred. Benjamin Franklin published a recipe for abortion, for goodness sake. It’s been part of realistic scientific society since before the unmarried eunuchs in Vatican City attempted to tell everyone how to live.

          Statistics clearly show that unplanned pregnancies overwhelmingly lead to poverty and unhealthy, unsupported children. It makes no sense to demand that women in western democracies be condemned to return to the roles that women are still forced to lead in, for example, African societies where the male has no regard for proper family planning. You can compare the results for yourself.

          Do you truly believe that rape and incest victims, not to mention careless teens impregnated by now absent boys, have the legal responsibility to raise a child they didn’t choose? Does the USA have enough foster homes for the unwanted children? The children with severe birth defects? Not even close. Will you vote to support social services and schools for the foster children? We already know your position on taxes especially if you don’t see an immediate personal benefit.

          Though you wrap your misogynistic power play in false claims of care for unborn children, your words and actions towards impoverished unwanted children prove your real level of concern. You complain here incessantly about all the problems that all those other people have caused you. Duh, overpopulation. You simply refuse to admit it.

          The mother and her doctor are the only ones who have any right to determine if she is capable of supporting a healthy child. No woman chooses abortion as a first choice, but there are thousands of circumstances where it is better for everyone including the unplanned fetus to delay having family. Feel free to think lesser of women who were forced to make sacrifices that you greater-than-thou righties apparently think doesn’t have major societal impact.

          1. Are you aware that the number of people that want babies that can’t have them in the USA far outnumbers the number of babies available? Why? Because liberals are too lazy to go through with a pregnancy, they prefer to cut up the baby, even after if can feel pain. All they care about it if they can see it…if they can see it, then they won’t kill it, but if it’s in the womb, and they can’t see it with their eyes, slice it up! Right?

            1. You delusional pro-lifers seem to think that the USA or the world in general is a benevolent society.

              You believe abortion should be banned and every woman should carry to full term. And then what?

              Do you think that there’s a nationwide mechanism in place to send all of those unwanted babies to desperate couples who want children?

              Wrong. A tiny percentage will be adopted but most unwanted children will end up abused, uncared for, unwanted. Then they grow up (if they survive) to be poor, probably drug-addicted and tormented.

              Which pain is worse?

  2. Coming to a western civilization near you. Don’t miss out on total removal of personal choice. No need to worry about decision making…it’s all done for you. Opinions…not on our watch. Own nothing and be happy. We will even let you buy food occasionally.

  3. Funny, it seems like liberals are all for “my body my choice” but not when it’s in support for forced Covid vaccinations? Especially when many of those same liberals were supporting no vaccinations before Covid for their kids to attend public schools? Please, someone explain that to me.

  4. Well folks of the free and civilized world, another fine example of having the topic of conversation totally ignored by sooper pooper citizens so that they can talk once again about one of their insignificant internal brouhaha mole hill issues.

    Sad to see things get so out of hand in China but not surprising, sooper pooper countries demonstrate a lot of hatred towards others. It’s part of their DNA, Destructive Nuclear Arms.

  5. Opinions are fine (and without real value. Mine is that I do not want any more control over another country’s way of life than I would like them to have over ours. Do you?

  6. China has a zero-Covid policy ‘cuz they want Zero Blame. They caused this pandemic, but don’t want to fess up to it lest they have to pay the trillions of dollars in reparation instead of making billions with their ineffective vaccine, not to mention gaslighting/trolling cheap, generics that are cheaper than their vaccines.

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