Your Apple HomePod keeps getting more and more valuable

Apple’s original $299 HomePod, now, sadly, discontinued, is selling online at an average price that’s 25 percent more than Apple’s MSRP.

Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.
Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.

Sean Hollister for The Verge:

Not only are some people still willing to pay a premium for the somewhat smart speaker, they’re willing to pay more than Apple charged for it.

We took a look at eBay sales numbers after spotting 9to5Mac editor-in-chief Chance Miller’s tweet, and we soon discovered it wasn’t just a joke: on average, an Apple HomePod fetched $375 this past week.

We’ve seen a few factory sealed non-refurbished HomePods sell for over $500… When I filtered out expensive sealed-box outliers, the average sale price was more like $350 this past week. That’s still $50 more than they cost brand-new!

MacDailyNews Take: This is because, unsurprisingly, HomePod sounds significantly better than HomePod mini. There really is no comparison. Plus, “HomePod mini” is now stupidly-named:

Once again, having one product called “HomePod mini” is stupid. It directly leads a potential customer to ask, “Well, where’s the real HomePod?” “Or the HomePod Max?” You know, for every “mini” Apple product there’s at least one big brother (Mac mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini).

“So, where’s the real HomePod?”
“Oh, that? “It failed.”

That’s not a huge confidence boost for “HomePod mini.” A prospective buyer might rightly wonder, “Hmm, for how long is Apple going to remain committed to this ‘mini’ product if its parent is already canceled?”

Hint to Apple: If that’s the only HomePod you currently have to offer, at least change its name. Duh.MacDailyNews, November 1, 2021

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. I had one, and thought about getting another to pair it with. As soon as I heard about the discontinuation, I immediately went online and got another. I love them, despite some limitations I can’t understand (why can’t I listen to anything I want through them?). Listening to them now.

      1. Good move mate 🤙

        I just FOMO’d and got another one from local ebay, barely used, like new, non-smoker home.
        Got tired of moving one from one room to another. Who said these things were overpriced. Overpriced stuff wont sell.

  1.  has a history of selling products that it soon abandones. I own the original iPod Hi-Fi. Steve Jobs made a 10 minute glowing presentation about how this unit was “reimagining” home stereos. Still works great but  quickly dropped support when they changed connections to iPod & iPhone. How long before HomePods aren’t supported with firmware updates? How long before HomePod Minis aren’t supported.  has maintained they sell premium products at a premium price for premium customers. After we dole out our premium $  pulls their premium plug.

    1. Wrong. If product is not successful, like that boombox with iPod dock, Apple discontinues it. But look at that iPod. It’s supported for syncing all the way back to the original model from 2001 (using dongles to connect FireWire device)… iTunes no longer exists (on Mac), but Apple moved iPod syncing functions from iTunes to Finder window sidebar. My old iPhone SE from 2016 runs latest iOS. How many smartphones from that time run latest Android? My 2017 MacBook Air (and also 2015 models) run latest MacOS. Some very recent PCs can’t run Windows 11. Until I bought a refurb TV HD a few months ago, I was still using my ancient third-gen TV (the A5 model before 3rd-party apps); Apple kept updating its software to be fully functional with tv+ streaming service. Apple designs latest Series 7 Watch to work with watch bands from original Watch, even though Apple could make customer buy new watch bands by now. I no longer use it, but I remember being surprised that my VERY old AirPort base station (the first one with 802.11n) got notification of a firmware update.

      Apple’s “history” is with unusually long-term support for its hardware. The big HomePod may have been discontinued as a new product, but it will receive necessary firmware updates and work with devices in ecosystem for a long time, based on actual history.

  2. I’ve got two HomePods and two home pod minis. Each set up as stereo pairs.

    The big HomePods are ace. Very decent sound quality, deep, rich bass as well as amazing results from spatial audio.

    I’d describe the minis as Smart Mics. Good for telling Siri to do stuff but sound quality is poor, compared to the big HomePods at any rate.

    Shame Apple binned the original HomePods. Goes to show most people won’t pay for technical excellence, look what happened to Concorde.

    Hope they bring back the HomePod or something as good/better to replace them.

    1. Dont forget these HomePods were sold only in a number of countries. This wasnt a worldwide launch. I for instance had to order mine from Germany. And we have official Apple retailers in my country, they were not allowed to sell it.

  3. I own 5 HomePods and love them all. The sound is incredible and they work beautifully with Apple TV. It may be my favorite Apple product, and I own a 14 inch MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro, an iPhone Pro, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch. I also own 5 HomePod minis, they are fine for what they do, put it is a different use case. I was greatly disappointed when the HomePod was discontinued and may be one of those who pay a premium on eBay as I need another.

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