‘CODA’ Best Picture win could lead to a major boost in Apple TV+ subscribers – analyst

“CODA” took home the award for Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday night, and one analyst thinks the win for Apple TV+ could lead to a major boost in subscribers to the streaming service.

Emilia Jones plays Ruby, the sole hearing member of a deaf family in “CODA,” which premiered in theaters and on Apple TV+ in 2021.
Emilia Jones plays Ruby, the sole hearing member of a deaf family in “CODA,” which premiered in theaters and on Apple TV+ in 2021.

Joe Woelfel for Barron’s:

The win for “CODA,” released on Apple TV+, is the first time a streaming service won the top prize at the Academy Awards.

Wedbush’s Dan Ives said in a note prior to the Academy Awards that if Apple (ticker: AAPL) was to win the best picture award, “it would catalyze more A+ talent coming to Apple first (or in the top bracket) and could propel Cupertino’s content efforts by multiples over the coming years with a major paid subscriber boost.”

Ives estimated that Apple has roughly 25 million paid subscribers on the platform and roughly 50 million global accounts. Netflix has about 222 million subscribers.

The [Best Picture win] for “CODA,” Ives said, should help accelerate subscriber growth and “will give Cook & Co. more confidence around potentially doubling their content efforts over the next year.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s reasonable to expect that the Best Picture win for “CODA,” combined with other well-received, awarded, and strong-word-of-mouth fare such as “Ted Lasso,” will give Apple TV+ some sort of measurable “Oscar bump” (not that Apple will ever speak of the numbers).

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  1. These things are meaningless now… Hollywood with its perpetual elitist attitude does not have any real drawing power. t

    The only thing that attracted any attention to this one was Will Smith.., If it were not for that event, no one else cared about the Oscars and most probably watched just that on YT.

  2. I definitely enjoyed watching CODA. I liked the story and the characters. The music teacher, Mr. V. would be a good teacher to have. I agree with a commenter that Netflix has those exciting, violent zombie movies to watch, but I enjoy both the violent and non-violent movies. I simply hope more people will subscribe to Apple TV+, but I know Apple won’t be able to compete with Netflix in terms of video content or subscriber numbers. Apple should give viewers a greater range of choice, but if Apple doesn’t like to show violent movies, I understand it. Personally, there is more than enough real-life violence in NYC, where I live, and I could certainly watch more positive and uplifting movies.

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