Netflix looks to crack down on password sharing, charge extra fees for sharing accounts

Netflix is looking to crack down on password sharing including charging extra fees for sharing of accounts outside of a person’s household.

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Zacks Equity Research:

The company is currently testing the features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru before making the changes in other parts of the world.

Netflix’s current terms and services state that the account can only be used for personal and non-commercial use and only between household members. However, password sharing is widespread among users beyond the household, which has been negatively impacting subscriber growth amid stiff competition.

Netflix’s key competitors include Disney’s Disney+ and Apple’s Apple TV+.

Netflix’s underperformance is primarily attributed to stiff competition in the streaming space. Disney benefits from the growing popularity of Disney+, owing to a strong content portfolio and a cheaper bundle offering, which makes it a direct threat to Netflix… Apple TV+ is part of Apple’s Services business that has emerged as a major revenue contributor in the past couple of years.

Apple TV+ originals are getting recognized globally as critically acclaimed releases. Recently Apple TV+ original Ted Lasso became the most awarded series at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards for best comedy series.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s very nice to see Apple TV+ mentioned now, and not just as an afterthought, in articles that discuss streaming heavyweights like Netflix and Disney+. Apple’s work on Apple TV+ and focus on quality while building quantity is paying off!

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  1. Um, how exactly do they plan to enforce this? What counts as “outside the household?” If my kids, who have profiles on my account, login to Netflix from their TVs at their mom’s house, is that considered “outside the household?” If we login to Netflix while we’re visiting Grandma, is that considered “outside the household?” What about accessing Netflix from our various mobile devices? Or from a hotel room?

    Sounds like an excuse for a money grab.

      1. You will own nothing and be happy, most of the human race are short term thinkers, the gig, rental, subscription, Crypto life is all they want to know. And nothing you say about saving, investing (blue chip stocks) or living within your means will matter.

      1. I think Netflix already manages the number of logins. At my friend’s home where they have a single user subscription, attempting to view Netflix on AppleTV and an iPad at the same time forces the video of the user accessing 2nd to stop and sometimes display a message. It is still highly possible in a family of 4 with teens to have 2-3 sessions simultaneously active.

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