Apple expected to unveil budget-friendly 5G iPhone and high-end Mac mini

A budget-friendly 5G iPhone, a high-end Mac mini (perhaps called “Mac Studio”), and a new iPad top expectations from analysts for Apple’s “Peek Performance” spring product launch event on Tuesday.

Apple expected to unveil budget-friendly 5G iPhone and high-end Mac mini. Image: M1X Mac mini
Mac Studio? M1 Pro / M1 Max Mac mini (image: Jon Prosser)


Apple’s cheaper SE model is getting a 5G update, which may entice cost-conscious consumers to get new phones. 5G service is spotty in many areas around the world, but the capability gives buyers some “future-proof” protection for when the service becomes stronger.

With the SE currently priced at $399, a big question is whether Apple will raise the price of the phone, passing on some higher costs from snarled global supply chains.

The iPhone maker is also expected to launch a new version of the iPad Air and a high-end Mac Mini, a computer without a monitor that is also a budget-friendly way into the Apple product lineup.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll see how much the high-end Mac mini or “Mac Studio” costs, but we doubt anybody will refer to it as “budget-friendly.” It won’t be an entry-level Mac. The base Mac mini and MacBook Air will remain Apple’s budget-friendly Macs.

The 5G iPhone SE, if priced at $399 or less, will sell extraordinarily well.

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    1. It shouldn’t be more expensive. Apple should be able to provide a significant step up from iMac performance and flexibility for no cost increase, while still holding their fat profit margins. A desktop mini tower doesn’t need a large display or a finely machined aluminium stand. The end user can choose how much monitor he needs, and upgrade in the future whenever he wants. This may offer cost savings for both Apple and the customer — or increase future Apple display sales if the budget-limited buyer already had a cheap display now but next year chooses to upgrade to a better Apple model.

      About time Apple got serious about properly serving the desktop market.

    2. You Got It!!!!!

      The new Mac Studio looks like what desktop users have been asking for the last decade. Hopefully teardown analysis will show some user upgrade ability. At $2k, this thing obliterates the fastest mini or iMac, no contest. The $4k model puts the Mac Pro to shame.

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