Apple drops COVID mask mandate for corporate and retail employees

Apple has now dropped its mask requirement for both corporate and retail employees as local governments reassess their various COVID-19 responses.

Apple Face Mask
Apple employee wearing an Apple Face Mask

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company told staff that masks for vaccinated corporate employees are now optional at offices in regions where local indoor-mask mandates have been eliminated. It also told retail staff at a small number of locations that masks for employees will become optional on Friday. Over time — as more regions drop their mandates and cases decline — masks will become optional for employees at more locations.

The changes come a week after the company dropped its mask mandate for customers at many locations…

The change in policy may imply that Apple is again nearing the announcement of a return-to-office deadline for corporate employees. The company last attempted to set a deadline in February, only to scrap the date during the omicron surge. Other companies, including Alphabet Inc.’s Google, have set an April deadline for their staffers.

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly, this period in history — COVID-19 and the various and sundry reactions to it (rational and irrational) — will be studied far and wide, especially by psychologists and sociologists.

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  1. With the midterms rapidly approaching and the Democrats cratering in the polls, the COVID mask theater show “Bullshit!” has finally closed. People stopped buying it.

    Desperate Lib/Dem/Progs follow the political science, as always.

  2. Masks are/were a hoax. Just ask a true medical professional the protocol for wearing them and you will see 99% of Americans wore them wrong. It was just a democrat power grab from the beginning.

    1. What power? Did little brat GOP troll lose his power?

      Please ask your medical professional to refrain from using a mask when doing any procedure for you. Please.

        1. No. It’s called living in a society and doing for others, something that is beyond the understanding of you and your ilk in the name of your so called “freedom” as you pout and stop around like the insolent children you are. So pathetic.

          1. Governor DeSantis hosts a roundtable with physicians nationwide on ending COVID theater once and for all.

            Watch it before the YouTube (Google, Alphabet) censor takes it down:

  3. This period of time will be studied by criminologists and war crimes investigators as the Genocide Trials indict, convict and execute those who used this scam to try to turn all of American into San Francisco or Soviet Romania.

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