Ukraine urges Apple to halt product sales, shut down App Store in Russia

Ukraine’s vice prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, is urging Apple to halt all product sales and shut down its App Store in Russia which last week invaded Ukraine.

An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)
An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, February 24th, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)

Mark Gurman and Daryna Krasnolutska for Bloomberg:

The government official made the request in a letter to Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook that he posted on Twitter. Fedorov also said Apple should support the U.S. sanctions placed on Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I appeal to you and I am sure that you will not only hear, but also do everything possible to protect Ukraine, Europe, and, finally, the entire democratic world from bloody authoritarian aggression — to stop supplying Apple services and products to the Russian Federation, including blocking access to App Store,” Fedorov said in the letter.

Apple currently operates an online store in Russia that sells iPhones, Macs, iPads, AirPods and other products directly to consumers. It also sells software and services locally and operates a Russian version of the App Store.

The U.S. government recently adopted sanctions that would bar U.S. manufacturers from exporting certain goods to Russia, but so far, the rules don’t appear to prevent Apple from continuing sales in the country.

MacDailyNews Note: Last Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook pledged via Twitter to aid local humanitarian efforts in Ukraine:

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          1. So you admit orange combover dude looks stupid? He certainly acts and talks like a 7th grade bully, that’s how intelligent people knew not to vote for the ignorant buffoon.

            Is there any Mac news on this site?

      1. Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg $300 Million Election “Gift” Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws

        Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg providing financing that allowed the Center for Tech and Civic Life to offer nearly $9 million in “Zuck Bucks” to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties. In exchange, the “Zuckerberg 5,” as the report called the counties, in effect, operated Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts. Those grant funds then paid for illegal drop boxes to be placed in Democratic voting strongholds…

    1. The US imports 595,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia,

      The Keystone XL pipeline would have produced 830,000 barrels per day, but it was shut down by the lying, corrupt, racist dementia patient.

      Relying on Russian oil is a choice, a stupid choice.

      Feeling your stupidity yet, libturds???? Americans sure are!!

      1. Hal, you are so thoroughly misinformed on so many subjects, it’s painful to watch your aggravated thrashing.

        Pipelines don’t produce oil, they transport it. KXL was planned as a new pipeline to transport heavy Canadian tar to gulf refineries. It had nothing to do with US production. US refineries can fill their needs with domestic oil. It is cleaner and cheaper than the Canadian crud, and is transported via existing US pipelines. As a percentage of income, Americans have seldom enjoyed cheaper energy than today, even with the recent turbulence. Any intelligent person can go to the EIA website to see the facts, which are not on your side.

        1. “Americans have seldom enjoyed cheaper energy than today”

          Yup, gas was half the price before the election. That kind of stupidity gets dementia patients installed the the White House

          1. Since you are now completely unhinged about oil inflation, maybe you should see the long term trend of all inflation:

            Inflation is a trailing indicator, and for the past 20 years, the Fed has done a decent job keeping inflation in check. The inflationary spikes correspond to Desert Storm, 911, Iraq, Housing Bubble, and now Putin’s War. Try as you might, you can’t twist the real data to make your party’s economic policies clean and the other party guilty, without looking like complete clowns. Both US parties are useless. The only difference is you think yours is competent. It isn’t, especially when it pays trolls like you to try to blame the global price of oil on a US president.

            1. If you think the the price of oil is not effected by the US President, you are definitely in the lower half of the average libturd stupidity level.

              The pathetically feeble, corrupt and mentally diminished such as dementia Joe pose no threat to those that want to manipulate the US

            2. Steve – Thanks for introducing facts into the conversation. Not that I expect anyone here will listen. I mean, why listen to facts when you can name-call, amirite?

            3. No, Sally, there is basically nothing the president can do to shock the oil price instantly. Congress reserves the right to declare war. The POTUS has no leverage on OPEC. The US strategic petroleum reserves are miniscule compared to good ol’ American SUV drivers demand.

              If you want to protect yourself against the price of a global commodity, buy an EV and turn off the whiner already.

      2. The US previously sourced 5-10% of its crude and refined oil from Russia. That will be replaced by other sources besides Alberta tar. Biden coordinated with other oil producers to make that happen. This week the IEA agreed to release 60 million barrels of oil to fill any short term supply dips while the civilized world shuts switches off Russian oil. Patience, padawan, you’ll get your cheap god-given dino juice.

        Why are you shilling for Canada (or more specifically, TransCanada Corporation) anyway? You know very well that conservative American farmers and ranchers fought the foreign oil company from using eminent domain law to slice their private land and livelihoods. TC Corp had full support from the orange team for 4 years and TC Corp still didn’t move forward. Your post, as usual, is nothing but disingenuous trolling.

        If you can’t afford a bump in gasoline prices, just say so. MDN would put up a bailout campaign for you, they support your nonstop politicking after all.

  1. This should have been done already. What is Apple waiting for?>

    To the people wanting to turn this site into a political debating area, here is my comment.

    Joe Biden is an embarrassment exceeded only by his frighteningly incompetent V.P.

    Also, anyone who, after all we have seen and learned, would vote for Donald Trump ought to go to hell.

    1. Most of what you’ve “seen and learned” about Donald Trump is FAKE NEWS, dolt.

      For example “Russia, Russia, Russia” was a bullshit political hit-job planted by Hillary Clinton that wasted our country’s time and money in countless “investigations” of absolutely nothing.

      You’ve been brainwashed by the corporate leftist corrupt media and the Democrat party. Don’t blame Donald Trump that you’re incapable of realizing that fact.

      We are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them all. They are indeed brave.

      As everyone understands, this horrific disaster would never have happened if our elections were not rigged and if I was the president. I stand as the only president of the 21st century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country.

      President Donald Trump, February 26, 2022

        1. Texzen, pure projection. It’s the libturds with no ability to think or reason. Want proof? Just look at the lying, corrupt, racist dementia patient and whore occupying the White House. Funniest part is that you think that you are smart

        2. Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg $300 Million Election “Gift” Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws

          Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg providing financing that allowed the Center for Tech and Civic Life to offer nearly $9 million in “Zuck Bucks” to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties. In exchange, the “Zuckerberg 5,” as the report called the counties, in effect, operated Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts. Those grant funds then paid for illegal drop boxes to be placed in Democratic voting strongholds…

    2. Trying to have it both ways? The Don trumps Biden on every issue and despite his 50-year swamp politico experience, Biden is clueless on how to SOLVE problems. Making himself rich, a certified expert. Trump blew away Biden in his first two years in office, remarkably as a first time politician. Get real…

      1. No. I just call them as I see them. Trump is a bombastic blowhard who would still be president had he not so completely turned off the independent voters that he lost the election. I voted for Trump twice but would never do so again.

          1. Well Anthony, I am a Republican and cannot really disagree with your take on the woke Left. You are no more disgusted than me with these simpletons. However, there are many impressive leaders in the Republican Party capable of a strong performance as POTUS and leading most Americans. Trump is offensive to so many independents that I do not believe he can be elected again. Think twice before giving your support blindly to him as you may be putting Kamala in the White House for four years. Measure twice and cut once, my friend.

            1. I don’t believe you’re a Republican, but that’s totally irrelevant. You’re stuck on his personality which at times admittedly makes me cringe. But I live with the personality faults and ONLY care about the RESULTS. The numbers of independents supporting Trump is higher than the number supporting Biden. Also, two facts you neglected: Trump won a record number of votes for a Republican running to be reelected as well as the highest number of votes from blacks and Hispanics…

        1. So you don’t care about policies, you’re inflicted with the PC mentality personality is paramount and only in la-la-land equates to results. I don’t believe you voted for Trump twice. I smell a lying rat…

          1. What you smell is your own insipid inability to think. Slavish clowns like you would excuse Trump if he raped your mother as a media distortion. What cretins like you believe is of zero concern to me.

            1. Don’t waste your time with Goeb. He thinks if you don’t back every detail of the entire GOP platform (or whatever DJT changed it to), then you can’t possibly be a republican. The poor idiot never had an original idea in his pointy little head. His alter ego Hal will attempt to call you juvenile names, and the five faces of FirstWhenever will post off topic twitter propaganda while claiming everything on twitter is a lie. They are so drunk on the kool aid, they can’t see straight.

            2. Trying to act smart and deceptive at the same time is not the same as being smart, Texzen.

              You are a LIBERAL LIAR claiming to be a Republican. You voted for Trump twice and yet you come here to rant about him. When he ran the second time for reelection, did his personality magically change that your faith still held in him to cast your vote, AGAIN? That was the tipoff you were lying and Leftists can’t hide behind it.

              “insipid inability to think” OK, let’s rehash your “inability.”

              If Trump raped his mother, WOW, what an intellectual deep thinker creating illusions that do not exist and projecting outcomes from a far left perspective that are NOT reality. Guess that’s how all intellectuals spend their time. BTW, unbeknownst to you just outed yourself as a rabid Leftist too easy to see and too difficult to disguise.

              “Trump is offensive to so many independents that I do not believe he can be elected again. Think twice before giving your support blindly to him as you may be putting Kamala in the White House for four years.”

              Wrong. Trump leads Biden in independent voters and it was the strong support from independents that propelled Trump to win the presidency over the smartest woman in the world spending a record in campaign funding and near universal praise from the media. Do you not know that, Mr. Republican?

              “Trump is a bombastic blowhard who would still be president” allow me to finish if the voting laws were not changed in several battleground states, some weeks before the election. Counting dragged on for weeks in the middle of the night, suitcases pulled from under tables, poll watchers barred from witnessing counts, verification of mail in ballots certification lax and non-existent in some areas, the biased media all in for a Biden win, I could go on. It has nothing to do with the independent vote simpleton brainwashed by CNN and the Woke Green Party. Do you not know that, Mr. Republican that does not write like a Republican? Seriously, who do you think you’re fooling?

              I could go on and wasted too much time already. You are simply another garden variety Leftist Liar short on facts and long on stereotype attacks, name calling and predicting outcomes that don’t exist or pan out. Coupled with the fact you can’t debate point by point and only deflect to your talking points is the true “inability.” So typical of the Left…

            3. Bill Clinton raped Jaunita Broaddrick because hashtag MeToo, she is the mother of Kevin Hickey from her first marriage.

              So, Tex, using words such as “would” or “if” to fit a false narrative when you could have used the real thing when using Bill Clinton, who did rape someone’s mother, just fills the room with your aroma of insipid inability to think, you slavish clown. It is hypocrite cretins beliefs on this board that feel their side is as pure as the wind driven snow is of zero concern to me.

      1. Thank you for the clueless comment of the day. “They all” is not only totally false opinion, also an absolute statement grade school grammar teachers taught never to use…

  2. I am a Russian who is quite deeply embedded in Apple’s ecosystem and this would be incredibly inconvenient, but I would support such a move until such time that Putin’s troops leave Ukrainian territory. Anecdotally, I suspect that there is a pretty strong inverse correlation between Apple users and Putin supporters in Russia, so it is likely that Apple will only be held in higher esteem when it does return, should it choose to do this.

  3. AAPL needs to make sure its ok with the CPP before they can halt product sales in “War crimes” Russia.

    Plus they make sure stoping sales in Russia want effect the “insanely great” 38% profit margin.

    For the record, history has shown us that Apple has appeased Russian requests to redraw their Maps App twice concerning Crimea and Kosovo.

    Apple has a history of bowing to communist demands.

  4. I certainly have a new found appreciation for Volodymyr Zelensky. He’s standing up to the super pooper bully on the one side and refusing the other super pooper bully’s offer to run away. He’s staying with his people and showing courage and leadership, laying his life on the line qualities sorely lacking in the super pooper corners who run away at the sign of bone spurs.

    Go on Zelensky, keep showing the world how it’s done.

    1. DO you admire your own government locking its citizens in their homes and arresting them if they walk outside?

      Prediction: Crickets ::::: Crickets ::::: Crickets ::::: Crickets ::::: Crickets :::::

      1. Wow – you seldom see a better “whatabout-ism” than GeoB just pulled.

        I don’t remember seeing any arrests for “walking outside”. However, I DO see hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters dying because they were too freedom-loving to get a simple, free vaccine. Pathetic.

        By the way, Zelensky has been brilliant over the past few days. True courage. Meanwhile, Putin has been AWOL since before the invasion. Hmmm.

        1. Hey brainless, did I mention the country? Answer, NO.

          So your knee jerk Leftist interpretation and false projection failed you AGAIN and zero whatever-ism exist.

          RW knows what I am referring to going back many years and its between him and me. Run home now…

      2. Well Guttersnipe Trash™️©️GoeB,
        do you admire ex president Trump for encouraging Putin with kind words and verbatim repeating Putin’s justification for invading Ukraine?
        All you Trumpists would have been locked up for giving succour to the enemy in times past.
        Oh…and the grammar police agree…you are deluded and poorly educated.

        1. Yes, this GoeB unit is a very crooked stick. The stiff far right and the stiff far left are what prevents the rest of us from getting things done. Their outsized egos and love of hearing their own voices, if what they say makes any real sense or not demonstrates the intellectual pillow make-up of their reflections – whatever ultra-right winger’s rant they last heard creates the dent in the soft cushion on their shoulders. We see these people, unfortunately, more often than is comfortable. They are as intolerant of others thought as they are paper thin in their ability to generate deep thought. The more profound their understanding that their ilk is an endangered species, the more virulent they screech.

    2. I can only imagine that President Zelensky and the brave freedom fighter defending Ukraine could use the weapons that duck and run USA forces left behind in Afghanistan would be much needed.

      64,363 machine guns
      358,530 assault rifles
      33 Blackhawk helicopters
      176 artillery pieces
      126,295 pistols

      And let’s not forget these are not cheap outdated assault rifles but best in class battle rifles with night vision scopes ect. Heck even 10 percent of that gear would add a real punch to the civilian resistance.

      It’s funny Biden’s offer to Z was to hide tail and run but his return request was ammo and support to defend his people and there country.

      1. Sure thing, they might appreciate some of the remnant weapons of the shrub’s invasion of Iraq, or some good old Vietnam napalm….oh wait they want to protect their land, not destroy it.

        The Ukrainian however, have no lack of courage and leadership, I can imagine that any president since the shrub could use a smidgen of that.

      2. You mean the deal Trump announced, and then did nothing to plan for the withdrawal (which was originally supposed to happen while he was still in office). Oh, and it was Trump that opened the Afghan prisons and let all the Taliban prisoners free.

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