Taiwan to join ‘democratic countries’ in sanctions on Russia; Apple supplier TSMC ready to comply

Taiwan will join “democratic countries” in imposing sanctions on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, the government said on Friday, with major Apple supplier contract chipmaker TSMC saying it would comply with all export control rules.

An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)
An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)


The crisis is being watched closely in Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory and which has faced increased military pressure from Beijing over the last two years.

“We very harshly condemn such an act of invasion and will join democratic countries to jointly impose sanctions,” Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters in Taipei without giving details.

Asked about the sanctions, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, a major Apple Inc supplier and Asia’s most valuable listed company, said it had a robust export control system and would follow the rules. “TSMC complies with all applicable laws and regulations and is fully committed to complying with the new export control rules announced,” it said in a statement.

Chiu Tai-san, head of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, said there was “no comparison” between Ukraine and Taiwan in terms of strategic importance.

“Taiwan has long been the most important country in the first island chain. If Taiwan is lost, the strategic planning in Asia will need to be changed significantly,” he said, referring to the islands and countries that run from southern Japan down to the bottom of the South China Sea.

MacDailyNews Take: Get busy building those chip factories in Phoenix, Arizona and Kumamoto, Japan, TSMC. Better safe than sorry!

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      1. You act like Biden is duly-elected. He is not, regardless of what you watch on CNN and parrot back.

        People capable of independent thought know the 2020 election was a sham. The proof is everywhere, unless you’re an ostrich with your head in the sand.

        1. You people are so pathetic. Your entire existence is informed by by lies. All of your heroes keep promising proof but never deliver. And all the memes and videos you show in what you think are “aha! gotcha!” moments are easily debunked yet your response is just more conspiracy.

          And why you hang out on a forum for a left leaning company I still don’t understand. You’re not going to convince anyone here.

    1. What a sad excuse you injecting your vile close minded views on a terrible situation. You have no clue what it is to live through what the people of Ukraine are having to deal with. Go hang out with your buddies on the “truth” app.

    1. Joe Biden’s puppet masters are mentally retarded and/or trying to destroy America in an inside job.

      Regardless, the situation is regrettable.

      Still, just 256 days until the midterms. Hopefully, we’ll survive until then.

  1. China is enabling this war, its in its interests as long as it doesn’t go too far. China as good as told Russia to remove its troops fromKazackstan recently after they sent them in to help prop up the Govt. They are now becoming a pawn of China in the name of protecting themselves an obedient poodle as time passes no doubt with the promise it can retain fiefdom status over Europe. This is the big picture for the NWO and we seriously need to understand that if we have any chance of resisting the next series of moves. If Europe becomes literally or effectively under the control of Russian influence or power then the West as we know it is gone, the US at best a declining island increasingly irrelevant in this NWO in Europe, Asia, Africa and even South America Im afraid. I suspect this is the first part of a long perhaps 50 year plan.

  2. China is betting on western oil and gas sanctions on Russia. Then china will have secure dedicated oil resources for their quest for world domination. Meanwhile western countries stop drilling and developing oil and gas to fight global warming. The west won the war for forced fluid gender equality of outcome but in the process lost everything else.

    1. Would you guys please keep your position straight? You complain when Cook puts money before anything, but you all burst into 4-part harmony whining if Cook puts anything else ahead of money. You bitterly complain about prices, then cheerlead for AAPL to get more expensive, and MDN begs for money like a street beggar. The hypocrisy is everywhere.

      I’m not defending Cook, I’m shedding light on the poor commentary here. I am disappointed in plenty that Cook and Apple does, but at least I can understand the role of the CEO, and how poorly it’s been regulated. Let’s discuss ideas instead of slinging mud.

      You should recognize that most of your legitimate complaints are rooted in the fact that Apple acts just like any other corporation, overpaying its executives to the extreme, following the whims of unelected and largely unaccountable managers, making decisions that affect everyone with little or no regulatory oversight. Same as it’s been for decades, only now corporations have layers of shell companies and political action committees to ensure they own Congress, and you don’t. If you want to take Cook down a notch, stop whining about the superficial stuff. Get to work writing to your representatives to request proper regulation, a reversal of Citizens United, and laws requiring real corporate transparency and accountability. Otherwise, as the trends are moving, every thing you buy in life will be delivered by regional monopoly or global duopoly, all managed by unaccountable billionaire executives. You’ve already been lured into Cook’s walled garden buffet. Take it or leave it. Cook’s pals over at Google will happily sell you their spyware instead. If you really prized freedom, you would stop the tacky whine game and advocate for the peoples representatives to properly regulate corporations.

      The tradition here to whine, blame either of two executives (Cook or the current POTUS) for everything, and inject extremist politics into what could be a Mac discussion board, is useless and tiring. How about discussing pragmatic ways by which bad trends can be resolved for the benefit of everyone. Yeah, I wrote EVERYONE, not just Americans, and not just one political party thereof. Apple is a global corporation (all corporations are “globalists”), and they don’t really care about your slice of turf. Their goal is to take money from you, and Cook has been very effective at doing so. Don’t like it? Get your democratic government to change the rules of the game.

        1. And, by the way, Putin’s power comes from money, most of which comes from oil and gas.

          So why would our idiot fake president senile specifically exempt what is the best, most effective, and really only significant way to hurt Putin in way that might impact his behavior?

          There is no good answer.

          Given how the Biden administration is bending over backwards to protect Putin’s cash flow, you’d think Hunter was on his payroll.

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