Apple Retail Stores drop COVID mask mandates

Apple has dropped its mask requirement at most retail stores across the U.S. and is also ramping up for the return of in-store classes.

Labs take place in the Forum, the heart of the store which serves as a meeting place for the local community and home for Today at Apple.
Labs take place in the Forum, the heart of the store which serves as a meeting place for the local community and home for Today at Apple.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company announced the changes this week to employees at eligible stores and has updated its website to reflect which locations are no longer requiring masks. Apple, however, will continue to recommend that customers wear masks and will provide them upon request. Apple retail workers will still be required to wear masks, employees say.

The change in mask policy applies to stores in states including Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky and others that have ended mandates. Customers must wear masks in stores in the few states with stricter guidelines, such as Hawaii. Apple’s locations in New York have also made masks optional for customers who are fully vaccinated.

MacDailyNews Note: More info about safety measures for open Apple Stores here.

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      1. That too.

        But the main driver behind all the mask mandates being lifted just in time for Biden’s State of the Union speech, where he will FALSELY claim he and Democrat Party policies, see, we BEAT COVID!

        Trouble is the governors of Red States got there almost two years before…

    1. I am immunocompromised. I also read, write, and am pretty good with arithmetic. And am incapable of being brainwashed by brain-dead MAGA right-wing flat-earthers who are in denial as well as being inconsiderate, heartless, and soulless regarding others. Will not be going to the Apple Store for a while now.

      1. Yeah, I saw your empathy, compassion and humanity with your post when Rush Limbaugh passed away. In fact, screen captured it for just such a time when you opened that hole in your face. Stop thinking that YOU and your “side” has some kind of moral high ground you inconsiderate, heartless, soulless FoS, especially when it comes to regarding others.

        Well, at least for a while, the Apple store will be free from your stench.

        1. Well played.

          Was going to respond to auracrack, but its a waste of time. His own words: “brainwashed by brain-dead MAGA right-wing flat-earthers who are in denial as well as being inconsiderate, heartless, and soulless regarding others.


          The classic do as I say and not as I do. Or, what’s fashionable lately — rules for thee, but not for me.

          One word describes this widespread Leftist affliction perfectly… HYPOCRITES!…

  1. The midterms are coming. Even Democrats can read a calendar. But, no, pretending to be sane about a bad flu long since devolved into a mild cold, won’t save you, America- and American-hating globalist leftists.

    Democrats are doomed, regardless of what they do. The Democrat doom is baked in now.

    First 2022, Then 2024.

    Obama was our first — and hopefully, last — Red Diaper president, steeped in Marxian thinking practically from birth.

    He was the Frankfurt School’s Manchurian candidate, if you will.

    Marxian thought is different from Marxist thought as defined by Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit. Marxists use class warfare, racial resentment, etc., for old-school stuff like “seizing the means of production” and establishing a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Marxian thinkers are too cool for all that discredited Soviet stuff — they know there’s no money in it. But they’re happy to use class warfare, etc., for the sake of getting rich. Big Business is happy to go Woke because it’s a way of squashing competition under the pretense of moral superiority. But I digress.

    Marxian thought is known by another name: Cultural Marxism.

    As insidious as the Cultural Marxists always were and as powerful as they’ve become, once Obama brought them out in the open, it was inevitable that they’d face pushback… from their largest constituency: working-class Americans.

    Generally speaking, they don’t hate this country (like the Marxians do), and they don’t see themselves as oppressors (as the wokesters insist the white ones are) or as the oppressed (as the wokesters insist the POCs are).

    Having been ignored or disdained for years, the woke madness this country has endured since 2020 has finally pushed blue-collar voters over the edge.

    Stephen Green, February 18, 2022

    Democrats are doomed

    On Real Clear Politics’ question of the “generic” ballot for 2022, the Republicans have topped 47 percent of voter support.

    Back in the Trump wave of 2016, congressional Republicans received a max of 45.4 percent. In 2014, in which the Republicans took back Congress, they achieved a high of 46.6 percent, which was up from the 46 percent the GOP received in 2012.

    You have to look back 12 years, when the GOP slaughtered Democrats to take over the House, to find the party in the rarefied air it now inhabits. And even then, the harbinger of the “red tsunami” was not evident until August that year. At this point in 2010, the GOP was at 45.2 percent – a full two percentage points below where it is now.

    Note also that the 2020 generic ballot polling badly underestimated Republican support on Election Day. The final average that year put the GOP at just 42.5 percent but the party ended up taking 47.7 percent of the vote on November 3.

    The Democrat Party bloodbath arrives in 258 days.

    Mark my words:


  2. Dropping faster than AAPL stock price!

    Let’s go Brandon. (thanks for the slogan brought to us by a collusion biased, conspiracy complicit, corrupt, and illegitimate media)

  3. Has anyone bothered to notice that colds and flu have been extremely rare and mild for the last two years? Doesn’t that give you any information about whether they help prevent spread of airborne viruses?

    I appreciate that mask mandates have been established not by strongman whims, but by the status of local healthcare facilities. It isn’t political.

    Sad how posters above are so hellbent on their facial natural rights, it makes one wonder if they will be advocating freedom to skip the shirt and shoes in restaurants. Hell, why require any clothing anywhere? Y’all have been trampling the freedom of nudists for ever. You politicians here need to advocate infinite clothing freedom when the trucker rally comes to town. That is right in line with your level of thinking.

    Heck, just abolish pesky health agencies and make medicine a completely trial and error sport for everyone. Who needs a degree to perform surgery? Freedom would say you should have the right to pick Dr. FlyByNight. Surely the Rabid Right would prefer that their doctors and dentists halt using masks too. You naturally bulletproof patients might save a buck.

    Have you bothered to think of the natural extension of your selfish, extreme, unworkable ideas on public health?

    I like to have regulation that strives for scientific good outcomes for everyone. Those of us who care about community health are willing to wear a mask to help ensure we don’t inadvertently spread any airborne viruses to others around us. That’s what caring people do.

    Now I fully expect the native trolls will attack me with all kinds of fact-free insults since I support science. Hal or Sherm or Kent will call me, a medical professional, a “libtard”. Too bad this site supports bullying and lies.

    I didn’t used to support any liberal candidates for office in the past, but since the Republicans have turned their backs on pragmatic and scientific ideas of any kind, it looks like there’s no party left for the moderate middle folks. But I may vote for a Democrat in the future if we have to be subjected to First Then and his parade of extremist haters.

    MY MASK PROTECTS YOU. You shouldn’t be offended by those who keep their spittle off your face. Think about that the next time you attend your next energetic political rally.

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