The sneaky way COVID-19 helped Apple

Obviously, due to the various and sundry COVID-19 responses around the world, rational and irrational, more people worked from home and many kids had remote schooling. Those two things forced a lot of families to buy new computers since multiple members of the household needed access to a personal computer at the same time. So, COVID-19 helped Apple to sell more Macs (and iPads and even iPhones) thanks to the need to be remotely connected to work and school.

MacBook Air features advanced stereo speakers for immersive, wide stereo sound and a three-mic array for more clear voice capture during FaceTime calls.
Apple’s current 13-inch M1 MacBook Air is an absolute powerhouse of performance and thin-and-light portability.

Daniel Kline for TheStreet:

Mac has been on a tear since the pandemic took hold and lockdowns, work-from-home, and online schooling became a thing. Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the strong sales during the company’s first-quarter earnings call in response to a question from Cross Research analyst Shannon Cross.

“Mac set an all-time revenue record at $10.9 billion for the quarter. That was up 25%. And as you point out, the last six quarters for the Mac have been the top six revenue quarters of all time,” he said. “And what’s further very good about this is, we set all-time revenue records in Americas, in Europe, and the rest of Asia Pacific. And we set a December quarter record in Greater China. And so it’s not narrowed to a particular geographic area that we’re doing well in. It’s almost — about almost across the board.”

MacDailyNews Take: Cook also credits Apple’s in-house push to design their own custom silicon (yet another initiative that was spearheaded by Steve Jobs) as Cook explained in the company’s conference call last week:

The response is very much because of M1. And we got even more response with the MacBook Pro that we launched… during the Q1 time frame,” he said. [It’s] both the upgraders, which we had a record number of upgraders for the December quarter, but also in markets like China — six out of 10 sales are people new to the Mac. And so it’s powered by both upgraders and switchers.

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    1. You’re being played by your Falun Gong paymaster. In the US, the Epoch Times pretends to support “America” via Trump, anti-vaxxers and QAnon, in Europe they promote anti West – particularly anti American, anti democratic fringe policies and pro Putin content.
      So which is the real deal?
      Oh…and Princess Diana says she would rather eat nails than step foot in America again!
      You’re welcome.

  1. The covid reactions and over reactions helped consumer electronics. But if it was only that we’d see all boats rise basically the same as the tide. Apple rose higher than other boats. Apple/Silicon/M series was the likely reason.
    Like the iPhone, Apple now has greater control of the UI (not having to change the UI to fit the CPU/SOC), Expect the M series Macs to become optimized and get more out of less — just like the iPhone.

  2. MDN, one correction I think. The iPhone using custom silicon was Steve Jobs. But I can’t find anything to show Steve Jobs stated or started the idea for custom silicon for Macs. That part was all under Cook and, supposedly, starting around early 2017 testing on the M series began.
    One interesting side note. Before moving forward with custom silicon, Jobs approached Intel to see if they wanted to make custom ARM SOC for the iPhone. Intel declined for, supposedly, believing just not enough money in it to cover R&D-testing-first production. Ouch (to be fair, all companies make decisions that in 20.20 hindsight are ouch. Musk approaching Apple to sell Tesla to Apple, Apple turned them down. Ouch..).

    1. Steve Jobs bought PA Semi. He knew that one day he would make Mac chips. Steve knew, he planned ahead, unlike the Dumocrats who couldn’t see Biden’s dementia being a problem, nor the disaster that Commiela Harris would be.

      Steve Jobs planned for a Mac chip, that’s why he bought PA Semi.

  3. Apple was smart not to get Elon Musk involved at Apple. Musk would have been a Scott Forstall-like disaster, except five billion times worse.

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