The Guardian reviews Apple’s AirPods 3: Better design, improved sound, longer battery life, and more

Apple’s US$179 AirPods 3 are a solid revamp of one of the most popular sets of true wireless earbuds, adopting a better design, improved sound, longer battery life and more advanced features such as spatial audio, The Guardian‘s Samuel Gibbs reports.

The powerful H1 chip combines with an Apple-designed acoustic system, and uses computational audio to deliver breakthrough sound with Adaptive EQ.
The powerful H1 chip inside the third generation AirPods combines with an Apple-designed acoustic system, and uses computational audio to deliver breakthrough sound with Adaptive EQ.

Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian:

The new earbuds have been redesigned to resemble the Pro models with shorter stalks and a better fit. They don’t block your ear canal, like the Pros though, just rest in place with all the benefits and disadvantages of an open fit, including an airy feel and complete lack of isolation from the outside world.

They stay in place even when jumping around or violently shaking my head, and are fairly comfortable for upwards of 90 minutes at a time.

The shorter stalks have the same pressure-sensitive strip on them as the AirPods Pro. Squeeze it once, twice or thrice to pause the music or skip track, or hold to access Siri on an iPhone. Take one out and the music pauses and resumes when you put it back in your ear.

The new AirPods have the same H1 chip and advanced features as other Apple headphones. They instantly pair with an iPhone or iPad, share the audio of one device to two sets of AirPods and automatically switch connection between Apple devices… They are standard Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, though, so can be used with most non-Apple devices such as Android phones and Windows PCs, but without the long squeeze, pause-on-remove and advanced features.

For the money you can certainly buy better-sounding earbuds [see AirPods Pro, currently selling for $179.99 ($69.01 off) at Amazon], but none that have the open fit of the AirPods 3. If you don’t like silicone tips in your ear, these are for you.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, if you’re in the market for new AirPods, Apple’s AirPods Pro are currently selling for $179.99 ($69.01 off) at Amazon. Get them at that price while you can!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “One of the most popular”? AirPods are the market leader in wireless earbuds by a significant margin, AirPods revenue alone is bigger revenue than most companies.

    But what they say is true, you can possibly get better sound for the money. Sound varies from song to song, genre to genre. You won’t find wireless ear buds that have the best sound across all genres. Sony(add crazy product name code afterward) to Samsung to even Beats, you’ll get variation with one having better highs or lows or sound better on different genres. But if you own an iPhone/in Apple eco, the overall winner for you easily is AirPods (Pros if you need a tip or Gen 3 no tips). And IMHO for overall across all genres, AirPods are hard to beat.
    When the AirPods Pro 2 comes out, I expect it to be best in class for 3 to maybe 6 months. Just as Apple does, other makers are working to improve and put out a new model all the time.

    1. If there’s one person I do like on this site, it’s GoeB. As well as the MDN admins. And most others here. There are a couple of leftist bozos though that really should buy a Windows PC and immerse themselves in the Gates of Paradise (aka hell).

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