Gurman: Apple to unveil new iPhones and iPads soon

Apple is nearing its first launch event of the year, with a new iPhone SE and iPad to be revealed at a virtual event held in March or April.

iPhone SE (2020)
Apple’s iPhone SE (2020)

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

It’s a shoo-in that you’ll see a new iPhone SE, which will probably have a similar design to the current model but a faster processor and 5G support. Given that the iPad Air hasn’t been updated since the end of 2020, I’d say a new version of that product also is possible. Look for that device to get the A15 chip from the iPhone 13, matching the iPad mini from last year.

This spring will mark a year since the last iPad Pro upgrade, and that model launched about a year after the 2020 version. But I don’t expect the new model to arrive that quickly this time around.

After all, the last two models were essentially new chip and camera upgrades. This year’s iPad Pro will probably have an updated design, with the M2 chip and wireless charging.

But there’s one wrinkle: Earlier this week, Russian regulatory filings were unearthed for three new iPhone models and nine new iPads. The iPhone documents probably relate to the various iterations of the SE, but nine new models would be far too many for a new iPad Air. Either there’s more than just the Air on tap, or Apple filed its launches for this fall fairly early.

MacDailyNews Take: Gurmand also reports that Apple is prepping “the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall.” So, expect an avalanche of products – from new iPhones, a new entry-level MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, the all-new Mac Pro, all-new MacBook Air, upgraded AirPods Pro, new Apple Watch Series 8 models, a new entry-level iPad, and iPad Pros (if they don’t make it this spring).

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  2. If AirPods Pro 2 contains the rumored (ahhh the rumors, they are rumors) health sensor and UWB connection for super high throughput and latency along with the certain to be improved driver, they are going to be big. 100+ million units in 6 months. The Wearables/Others revenue line will blow into new record territory especially if Watch 8 is a marked improvement.
    Would love to see a HomePod Pro or some iteration bigger than the HomePod mini even if not as big as the original HomePod. The HomePod mini has great sound for its size but when it comes to sound, size matters. Specifically down firing bass needs some heft.

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