Apple granted U.S. patent for enhanced under-display Touch ID method

On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that reveals their work on yet another method of implementing Touch ID under the display of future iPhones, Macs, TV screens, and more.

Apple granted U.S. patent for enhanced under-display Touch ID method

Jack Purcher for Patently Apple:

Apple filed for several patents on this feature in 2020 (01, 02 & 03).

The challenges facing the optical fingerprint sensor include consistency in performance over time, as the glass-air interfaces are not stable enough for small area matching… Apple’s patent covers technology is directed to an under-display fingerprint sensing apparatus with angle-focused narrow field-of view (FOV) filtering.

The apparatus includes a light-emitting layer, an optical layer, a filter layer and a pixelated image sensor. The light-emitting layer is covered by a transparent layer and can emit light to illuminate a surface touching the transparent layer, and allows transmission of reflected light from the surface to the optical layer.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple ever releases under-display Touch ID, it will be done right, with a high degree of security and speed.

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  1. In season 7 of Dexter they used an iPhone to get the fingerprints from a body by placing the fingers on the screen and then running them against a database, so I don’t know what’s taking so long. That was back in 2012! 🙂

  2. Please fix Touch ID for those that work with their hands. After a fairly short time of working with stone/concrete, the functionality is lost. This failure can happen after just a couple of hrs handling such materials and can effect the finger print for the next day/two.

    1. Absolutely nothing to fix concrete hands.

      You might as well have said motor oil from working on cars or jelly working in a donut shop. You need clean hands for the sensors to identify your fingerprint.


  3. No, GeoB…hands are clean, f-prints are worn.

    “effect the finger print for day/two,” Yeah, I walk around for a couple of days with concrete-caked hands.

    Hello yourself and maybe, slip off the high-horse.

    1. Well if fingerprints are worn, and continues to be more worn day after day after day — exactly just what do you both expect Apple to do?

      Offer more solutions, than complaints, please…

        1. No, I’m not here. 🤣

          I don’t detect solutions, just cheerleading for Face ID that some like and some do not.

          The no fingerprints folks never dawned on me and hearing it for the first time.

          Just punch in the your iPhone ID, problem solved…

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