Former Windows chief: Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max is ‘mind-blowing’

“When you look at M1 Pro/Max today it is tempting to think of this in terms of performance, but performance per watt AND integrated graphics AND integrated memory AND integrated application processors is innovation in an entirely different direction,” former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky writes.

M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max form a family of chips that lead the industry in performance, custom technologies, and power efficiency.
M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max form a family of chips that lead the industry in performance, custom technologies, and power efficiency.

Sinofsky calls Apple’s M1 Pro/Max-based MacBook Pro “a mind-blowing innovation.”

Steven Sinofsky via Medium:

Here’s a thing about “Laptops versus Phones”. The Phone is the computer for everyone around the world now. Laptops (and desktops) are specialized devices for work. About 400M people really use/need laptops for work. That’s what M1 is for and why Apple does not need to stress about pricing like it did in the 1990s — essential tools for highly paid information workers are worth the money.

The number of laptops won’t grow, but it is likely Apple will continue to take share from Windows (as will Chromebooks). At 275M units a year, laptops are big but serving this base of 400M. Phones serve everyone including them. That’s where software innovation is for masses…

Apple, by virtue of being vertically integrated, raced ahead. Because of their units and revenue/R&D investment they are in a globally unique perspective. Today, Qualcomm is closer to Intel than it is to Apple Si/Ax/Mx.

MacDailyNews Take: If you like the M1 Pro and M1 Max today, wait until you see M2 Pro and M2 Max!

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    1. I still have several almost ten year old Macbook Pros that are going strong. My little 12 inch Macbook is my portable workhorse and is still working fine despite the well documented keyboard issues and I expect to get at least 5 years more use out of it.

      1. I’m with you. I have a Late 2012 MBP that’s my Adobe Creative Suite workstation (I refuse to pay Adobe’s rental fees) and I have a 12” MacBook that I too live because it’s so lightweight. Both are stil really good machines that do the job. Nonetheless, I just traded in my 2020 MacBook Pro M1 for a new 2021 MacBook Pro for my video editing. The 2020 MBP was great and I’m really eager to get my hands on the new one in a couple weeks

        1. Same here. 2012 MBP best single computer investment I ever made. Hear you on Adobe’s software rental structure. The day they moved to that was the day I shifted to Pixelmator, FCP, et al. Never have, and will never pay rental fees to Adobe.

        1. Me too James. I tour regularly in the theatre (getting back to it now as COVID restrictions ease thankfully) and while the main computer for playback is a touchbar Macbook Pro 15 inch the 12 inch is the one I use to remote connect for adjusting images while the main computer is backstage.

          Thankfully I have the 2017 12 inch so I have the better keyboard. Love this little machine and I really hope we get an M series version.

      2. My 2012 15” MBP is still a primary machine. It’s biggest problem is the now too small hard drive. Externals are a pain but what I have to use. The machine itself is still fine. I do now also have a MBA from two or three years ago and an M1Pro 14” will be here in a few days. Still, the 2012 will continue to get use. Macs last.

        1. Is that a retina model or the one just before? You can upgrade the hard drives in those fairly easily. I just threw an SSD into an old 2010 MBPro that was being recycled here at work. Works great, though not sure what I will do with it yet 🙂

    2. Based on the numbers by Sinofsky, 275M units a year are sold to serve base of 400M users. That leads to average lifespan off less than18 months. Compared to that, 5 years would be a huge improvement. (It would also mean only 80M laptops sold per year – good for Apple and customers, bad for PC companies).

  1. Price is too high for me. I’m happy about the performance gains, as they’ll filter down to me over the next 3-5 years. I’ll look for an M1 Max MBP in 2023 that has six months of AppleCare left on it. Then I’ll pay what I want to pay right now: $1500-1800.

      1. I have been paying roughly the same $1K-$2K for a decade or so now. What makes you think it will cost a lot more for ‘the latest’ tech? Remember: these machines are typically built to a price-point rather than priced to a build-point. That latter only inflicts the TOP of the line.
        Got any more anti-President-Biden cutesy cheap-shots you want to add to this supposedly-apolitical forum? Or do you plan on telling us all how much benefit you are getting (!) from 45’s tax cuts? 😉

        1. I don’t have a political “anti-President-Biden cutesy cheap-shots” to offer.

          What I do have to offer is a REAL SHOT. Biden is the WORST president in the history of the USA and everything is getting worse day by day. His poll numbers have reached a HISTORIC DIVE in a president’s first, almost a year in office.

          So, what’s your cheap shot RETORT?…

  2. They should have fired Jony Ive back in 2015 before he started doing damage with the butterfly keys and port-killing thinness obsession. Great job with chip development but every other aspect of their laptops has been neglected until now. I decided not to upgrade until they sorted out their design idiocy and in the meanwhile my 2015 MacBook Pros have been serving me well. Imagine how much more productive and happier customers would have been with iterative improvements of that excellent design in anticipation of Apple Silicon, while keeping their ports, function keys and keyboard.

    Apple may have individual designers that are great (though even that isn’t clear) but the bureaucratic colossus that the company has become obviously prevents the cream from rising to the top, this is made clear when cost-cutting, bean-counting like the horrid notch (which doesn’t even include FaceID or Center Stage!) mars the “new” product. It looks like what the update to the 2015 MBP should have looked like in 2016/2017, and it’s at least $200 too expensive for the base 14″.

  3. Some years back I popped a SSD in my 2009 MB Pro and a 750 gig spinning HD into the CD space using an OWC conversion kit. Easy Peasy. Kept it useful for several more years. Still works fine, but running an older OS. I still run Dreamweaver on it when I need to update my website. I am on my third battery. That said my M1 air is my daily driver.

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