Apple fires an #AppleToo leader

#AppleToo leader Janneke Parrish was terminated for deleting files off her Apple-issued iPhone, including the apps Robinhood, Pokémon GO, and Google Drive. #AppleToo is a loose organization of disaffected Apple employees bent on publicly criticizing the company’s culture, including claims of discrimination by human resources and management.


Zoe Schiffer for The Verge:

Parrish, a program manager on Apple Maps, was terminated for deleting files off of her work devices during an internal investigation — an action Apple categorized as “non-compliance,” according to people familiar with the situation. The files included apps like Robinhood, Pokémon GO, and Google Drive.

It’s the second time in recent months that an employee has been terminated after speaking out about Apple’s company culture. In September, the tech giant fired Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly leaking confidential information. Gjøvik has filed multiple charges with the NLRB related to how Apple treated her and the broader workforce.

Gjøvik’s latest charge alleges that Tim Cook’s anti-leaking memo might violate US labor law. In September, the CEO sent a note to all Apple employees saying that “people who leak confidential information do not belong” at Apple. He also said the company was doing “everything in our power to identify those who leaked.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll all come out in the wash.

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    1. Good luck, Tim, with a real-life whack-a-mole game within the Apple borders.

      Good luck to us all as we all face an ultra-woke extremist left real-life whack-a-mole FIGHT within our own nation’s borders.

  1. Calls for pay equality is such a problematic cause to join because it doesn’t factor in the methods used to give two people doing the same job different (unequal) pay. For example, one person might be more/less efficient, might have a better/worse rapport with their co-workers, they might simply be more/less friendly, is always at work on-time or late, or they might simply do the job better/worse.

    What’s even more problematic is that it also auto-ascribes the differences in pay to sexism and racism which is possible but very improbable. Such concerns are the very reason why companies have HR managers.

    If an employee were to bring his/her concerns to HR and they deem those concerns to be unfounded then people should just assume that the reasons for the inequity are those I initially referenced rather than ascribing an “-ism” agenda. If people can’t deal with the fact that they are the reason for the inequity…. then they should work on their coping skills or LEAVE THE COMPANY and take your toxic “-ism” ideas elsewhere snowflake!

  2. Apple threw in with these Wokies, now it’s biting them back. Is happening elsewhere as well. A little woeness is healthy but things have gotten to extreme everywhere, and getting worse all the time.

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