Apple is building two massive new TV and movie production facilities in Culver City

Apple, which clearly has major entertainment-industry ambitions, is building two massive new Apple TV+ facilities for TV and movie production, along the border of Culver City and the City of Los Angeles, that will serve as its headquarters for the region.

Apple TV+

Todd Spangler for Variety:

The complex will encompass more than 550,000 square feet once completed. An Apple rep said it will be a “mixed use” facility but did not have details on what kind of production studio space will be part of the development. Construction is currently underway. Apple declined to provide an estimate for when the new buildings will be operational. “We’re in the early planning stages and will have more to share down the line,” the rep said.

The new campus is located along National, Venice and Washington boulevards, according to Apple. The two facilities will be connected by a “shared wall.”

Apple opened its first offices in Culver City in 2014 and currently has more 1,500 employees working in the L.A. area. In 2018, Apple leased a 128,000-square-foot office building in Culver City at 8777 Washington Blvd. (which HBO had previously planned to occupy) that is about two blocks away from the new complex.

Employees working in the Culver City location include members of its Apple TV+ and Apple Music teams, engineers, artificial intelligence/machine learning researchers, and staffers in other divisions…

The addresses of the new buildings are 8825 National Blvd. and 8871 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, and 8827 and 8829 National Blvd. and 8876, 8884, 8886 and 8888 Venice Blvd. in the City of Los Angeles.

MacDailyNews Note: In April, Apple said they would grow its teams in Culver City to more than 3,000 employees by 2026, expanding its state-of-the-art campus with additional space for these employees and more.

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  1. Apple stores have video walls that are the basic version of the “Volume” rear projection set used in the Mandalorian. I wonder if they will build some of those. Volume sets still require real-time graphics power that you can’t get on a mac. But I hope Apple changes that soon.

    The one thing you can’t yet do in a Volume set is bright sunlight. It always looks overcast, with soft shadows on the actors.

  2. By the time it opens it will have union employees. The film and tv unions are about to strike because of Apple’s productions that avoid union rules by categorizing it as “experimental streaming.”

    Welcome to Hollywood.

  3. Building such facilities in California is a waste of money… they will encounter nothing but problems, excessive costs, labor and union issues… Extremely poor location decisions on the part of Apple…

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