Halide 2.5 released with Macro Mode capabilities for all iPhones, not just iPhone 13

Halide 2.5 is now available with Macro Mode that delivers Macro capabilities to all iPhones, not just iPhone 13.

Halide 2.5 released with Macro Mode capabilities for all iPhones, not just iPhone 13
Halide 2.5 with Macro Mode

Ben Sandofsky for Lux:

Today, we’re launching Halide 2.5. It’s a big update with one of the coolest features we’ve ever packed into the app. We were close to just calling it Mark III, as with our huge update last year — it’s just that significant.

What makes Halide 2.5’s Macro Mode so special? For one, it brings Macro capabilities to all iPhones. Let’s dig in.

Unlike the built-in camera, we decided to really make Macro photography a deliberate ‘mode.’ Of course the ultra-wide camera in Halide will still automatically focus on very-close subjects, but a separate mode unlocks some very powerful tools and processing specific to macro.

To start, tap the “AF” button to switch from auto focus to manual focus. Since Macro is often best done with the focus fixed to a close subject or with some adjustment, Macro Mode lives in the manual focus controls. To then enter Macro Mode, tap the the flower icon — the universal symbol for macro. Ours is a tulip, because our designer is Dutch. They’re funny like that…

We’ve packed the science of super resolution into a feature we call Neural Macro. We trained a neural network to upscale images in a way that produces much sharper, smoother results than what you typically get in an editor. It’s available on all iPhone with a neural engine— anything made in 2017 or later— and it produces full 4k resolution JPEGs at either 2× or 3× magnification.

The results are incredible…

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s an example of a Halide Macro Mode shot taken with a “humble” iPhone 12 mini which has no macro lens (click or tap for larger image):

Halide Macro example
Halide Macro example

Halide can be a purchase or a subscription:

• Yearly: $11.99
• Monthly: $2.99
• One Time Purchase: $49.99

Now, even if you don’t have an iPhone 13 Pro, you can now take cool Macro shots with your iPhone via the Halide 2.5 app.

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