Improved battery life is key selling point for iPhone 13 lineup – survey

Apple iPhone 13 buyers are more interested in the significant increase in battery life than any other feature, including 5G wireless capability, a consumer survey indicates.

iPhone 13 Pro and flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four stunning finishes including graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.
iPhone 13 Pro and flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four stunning finishes including graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.

Patrick Seitz for Investor’s Business Daily:

Evercore ISI surveyed about 5,000 people regarding their iPhone purchase intentions. The poll results pointed to greater interest in pricier models of the iPhone 13 series, analyst Amit Daryanani said in a note to clients.

Daryanani is predicting at least a 2% increase in average selling prices as customers choose more expensive versions of the iPhone 13. He believes the average selling price will increase to $852 from $838 last year.

“Demand for newer models remains strong with 83% of respondents interested in buying one of the four new models (vs. 78% average in prior surveys),” Daryanani said. “The percentage of respondents interested in the Pro/Pro Max models has increased modestly vs. prior years.”

“Desire for a better battery life is the most popular reason for upgrading,” Daryanani said. “5G was not a popular reason for upgrading this year likely because 5G excitement in the U.S. remains well below the levels in China.”

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 13 mini provides up to an hour and a half more in a day than iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 delivers up to two and a half more hours in a day than iPhone 12. iPhone 13 Pro will last up to one and a half hours longer in a day than iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max will last up to two and a half hours longer in a day than iPhone 12 Pro Max.


      1. rob, you are right, i’m not a selling point. how trump of you to notice.
        as for battery life, who cares? we are now use to charging the phones whenever they need charging.
        what would be a selling point would be no more battery fade. in these words, the battery will always hold as much charge as the day you bought it. that is worthy of an battery degradation over time.

        rob, maybe you can get behind that idea since you are so good at stating, something another.

  1. … 5G… I have 7 lines with T-Mobile, yet only I will be upgrading to a new iPhone. But T-Mobile forces me to upgrade ALL lines to 5G?!

    So for me to get to use the 5G feature for 1 phone upgrade I’ve gotta pay them $70 more a month ($10 per line)?! I don’t think so!!!

    So T-Mobile is encouraging me to NOT upgrade.

    Trading in is equally stupid with the “un-carrier.” I only get trade-in value if I pay for the new iPhone on a monthly basis for 24 or 30 months, and then the trade-in credit is applied monthly. If I want to pay it off in full I can but the credits go away?!

    I just want to pay the difference in cash and be done with it. No can do with T-Mobile, who’s CEO said they wouldn’t charge for 5G, but of course they are. Expecting a telecommunications CEO’s word would be worth anything… silly me.

    So now? Apple is simply the best route. Trade in my iPhone 11 Pro Max for $500, pay $600 for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, and use it on my existing plan, without 5G. I’m fine with that. 5G really doesn’t matter to me. Just turn it off to save more battery in settings and I’m good to go.

    Once someone Marketing drone at T-Mobile’s Bellevue HQ’s does a quick bit of math, they’re going to realize how much money they’ve left on the table by forcing existing customers to updraft their entire plans vs just lines in a plan that want the new iPhone.

    Example for the T-Mobile marketing people without families who don’t get Jack squat:

    Mom & Dad, 2 kids:

    Mom and Dad have iPhone 11’s and want to upgrade. High school sim has a XS, but he isn’t upgrading because he has to pay half for a new phone. Daughter is in middle school and for Christmas the parents bought her an iPhone SE. she’s good for a long while.

    Dad finds out he must upgrade the entire plan to get two iPhone 13’s and 5G… $10 per line or $20 a month or $240 a year for his kids lines that won’t even be using 5G? Forget it.

    T-Mobile: Your entire family should upgrade and mostly pay only a few hundred for new iPhone 13’s and $40 a month more for Magenta Max that provides 20GB of hot spot data per month for ea h line!

    Dad: My kids don’t need or care about hot spot abilities, we don’t care about 5G, and $480 more a year for the plan upgrade and $3x total for the after credit applied reduced price iPhones for all four of us.

    I’m not sure what the other carriers plans are for existing customers but my guess is the best deal for those not switching carriers is she just go to Apple yourself a favor everyone just go to Apple and by new iPhones there.

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