Former Apple designers Jony Ive and Marc Newson partner with Ferrari

Exor N.V., the leading diversified holding company controlled by the Agnelli family, and Ferrari N.V. on Monday announced a long term, multi-year collaboration with Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson at the creative collective LoveFrom.

Marc Newson (left) and Jony Ive
Marc Newson (left) and Jony Ive

The first expression of this new partnership will bring together Ferrari’s legendary performance and excellence with LoveFrom’s unrivaled experience and creativity. Beyond the collaboration with Ferrari, LoveFrom will explore a range of creative projects with Exor in the business of luxury.

Sir Jony Ive will also join Exor’s Partners Council. This annual forum draws on the experience, expertise and insights of a group of highly successful Exor friends and partners, to share ideas and explore potential business opportunities.

John Elkann, Chairman and Chief Executive of Exor and Chairman of Ferrari, said in a statement, “In building great companies, we also believe in building great partnerships. Soon after LoveFrom was founded we began to talk with Jony and Marc about opportunities to combine their world-renowned creativity with ours, in complementary and incremental ways. Ferrari represents a first, exciting chance to do great things together as we build our future. I’m also delighted that Jony is joining our Partners Council where we look forward to benefitting from his uniquely valuable perspectives.”

Ive and Newson added, “We have been friends with John for many years and are great admirers of his insight and vision. We are thrilled to be embarking on such an important, long term collaboration with Ferrari and more broadly Exor. As Ferrari owners and collectors, we could not be more excited about collaborating with this extraordinary company and in particular with the design team expertly led by Flavio Manzoni. We see some uniquely exciting opportunities working together which we believe will yield important and valuable work.”

MacDailyNews Take: LoveFrom one cult to another. 😉


  1. No partnership with Apple on the imaginary Apple Car project speaks volumes.

    Then again, car project was never officially announced in Cook’s secret world only inklings of insight in news reports to hiring and leaving various high profile car industry giants for 10 years.

    My guess Project Titanic will end up like vaporware and never materialize…

  2. It took Rivian 13 years to go from an idea to a vehicle. Apple Car is an impossibly complex project, the very least of which will be designing an appealing body. I imagine Jony left plenty of drawings behind at his departure. Right now they’re designing everything else. 2025 delivery at the earliest, and that’s if they nail down a manufacturing facility in the next year.

    1. The Apple Car does not exist, nor, was it ever announced so it is technically vaporware phantom at this point.

      Took Rivian 13 years, well with the revolving door of car execs coming and going at Apple for 10 years, seriously you believe this will happen?

      No Jony Ive to design the car, but good guess on leaving behind designs although we don’t know for certain.

      I just don’t see it for thousands of reasons, but we shall see…

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