MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will host the company’s Apple’s “California Streaming” special event today, Tuesday, September 14th, at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ special event

The event will be webcast from the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s event on this page. We’ll see you here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT!

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You can watch the event live right here:

Live notes from Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event in reverse chronological order:

• AAPL: $147.51, -$2.04 (-1.36%) @ 2:18PM EDT

• End of event
• Cook recaps today’s announcements: iPad (9th gen.), iPad mini (6th gen.), Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

• Order any iPhone 13 model this Friday, available on September 24th
• 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and new 1TB storage option
• iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1099
• iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999
• iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life: 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 Pro Max
• iPhone 13 Pro battery life: 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 Pro
• 4K up to 30 frames per second in ProRes (in your pocket)
• ProRes video coming later this year
• Apply focus after shooting – the only smartphones that can do this
• 3X optical zoom
• Macro slo-mo videos
• Filmmakers will begin making films in different ways, may even birth a new film genre
• iPhone 13 Pro Cinematic mode allows filmmaker to choose focus later
• iPhone 13 Pro video demo: Kathyrn Bigelow and Greig Frasier
• Define your own style and use it across your photos (no more post application of filters)
• Photographic styles: Bring your own editing prefs into live shooting
• All 3 cameras have Night mode
• Macro photography: New system enables 2cm closeups with incredible detail
• All new camera system: 77mm Telephoto, Ultra Wide, Wide
• 6.7-inch for flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max
• 6.1-inch for iPhone 13 Pro
• ProMotion demos: “Absolutely no lag”
• ProMotion display!
• Super Retina XDR display 1000 nits peak outdoor brightness
• A15 Bionic in iPhone Pro models offers a new 5-Core GPU, up to 50% faster graphics theh leading competition
• Improved display
• 5G
• MagSafe
• Bigger battery
• IP68
• Ceramic Shield
• Textures back glass
• 3 new cameras
• Four finishes: Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue
• Surgical grade stainless steel bands
• iPhone 13 Pro and flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max

• 128GB, 256GB, 512GB storage capacities
• iPhone 13 mini starts at $699
• iPhone 13 starts at $799
• Leather, Silicon, and Clear MagSafe cases
• iOS 15: Siri on-device
• Battery life: iPhone 13 mini offer 1.5 hours longer that iPhone 12 mini; iPhone 13 offer 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12
• You can also tap to rack focus
• Auto rack-focus – done with Machine Learning
• Cinematographers worldwide begin contemplating career changes
• 5G custom-designed antennas – works in more places – over 200 carriers in 60 countries
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini get Cinematic mode (bokeh or rack focus in video)
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini dual-camera system: New Ultra-Wide camera
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini get sensor-shift OIS
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini dual-camera system: All new Wide camera, 12MP Wide, new larger sensor
• ML advancements power things like Live Text in iOS 15
• Neural Engine: 15.8 trillion operations per second
• 4-core GPU delivers up to 30% faster graphics than leading competition
• Up to 50% faster than leading competition
• A15 is 5nm. 6-core CPU , 2 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency cores
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini feature the new A15 Bionic
• iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini: Super Retina XDR display with improved display quality
• Bigger battery
• TrueDepth Camera system (notch) is 20% smaller
• Five new colors; pink, blue, midnight, starlight, product red
• Same flat-edged elegant design as iPhone 12 family
• Ceramic Shield
• 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max
• iPhone 13 fanily
• iPhone

• Fitness+ commercial playing
• Fitness+ Group Workouts powered by SharePlay: Workout with friends and family (up to 32 people)
• Skiing and Snowboarding prep workouts come to Apple Fitness+, with new workouts each week
• Guided Meditation comes to Apple Fitness+, with new meditations each week
• Pilates comes to Apple Fitness+, with new workouts each week
• Later this fall, expands to 15 new countries, with subtitling in 6 languages
• Over 1200 workouts with new content every week
Apple Fitness+

• Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399
• Apple Watch SE – $279
• Apple Watch Series 3 – $199
• Series 7 is compatible with all existing bands
• Five new aluminum colors
• 45 minutes to go from 0 to 80%. 8 hours of charging in just a few mintes
• Charges up to 33% faster
• 18 hour battery life
Not squared-off edges as seen in “leaked” images
• New watch faces
• On-screen keyboard
• watchOS buttons and text have been enlarged for new larger display
• Up to 70% brighter display
• Watch case and shape have softer, more rounded corners
• 1.7mm borders, 40% thinner than Series 6
• Ceramic Shield
• New Apple Watch Series 7
• watchSO 8 will detect when you begin cycling (adds fall detection to bike riding)
• Apple Watch

• Order today; available next week
• Starts at $499
• 100% recycled aluminum enclosure
• iPad mini commercial being played
• Supports Apple Pencil 2
• New set of Sling Smart Folio covers
• Stereo speaker system in landscape
• Front camera: 12MP Ultrawide supports Center Stage
• Back camera: 12MP with ficus pixels and larger aperture; True Tone flash; 4K video recording
• 5G connectivity
• iPad mini (6th gen.) now has a USB-C port
• Neural Engine up to 2X faster than previous generation
• 40% CPU performance increas; 80% GPU increase over previous iPad mini
• Touch ID on top button as with iPad Air
• Liquid Retina display: 8.3-inches, same case size with smaller bezels
• Purple, Pink, Starlight, and Space Gray
• Drops antiquated Home button
• New iPad mini (6th generation): Complete redesign
• iPad mini

• Order today; available next week
• Space Gray and Silver
• 100% recycled aluminum enclosure
• Starts at $329 with 64GB ($299 for education)
• Home button with Touch ID remains
• Ships with iPadOS 15
• True Tone comes to entry-level iPad
• Perfect for video conferencing
• 12MP Ultra Wide front camera enables Center Stage
• New iPad (9th generation): A13 Bionic (up to 3X faster than best-selling Chromebook, up to 6X faster than best-selling Android tablet)
• iPad business has grown by over 40% this past year
• Cook talks iPad and iPadOS
• iPad

• Apple TV+ teaser trailer for upcoming series playing
• Cook: “We’re just getting started.”
• 35 prime time Emmy nominations, including 20 for Ted Lasso
• Apple TV+

• Tim Cook extols virtues of California; “We’re prond to call California home.”
• Tim Cook: “Good morning”
• “California Soul” music video playing
• Event stream begins – violinist atop sand dune, musicians montage

• AAPL: $148.86, -$0.69 (-0.46%) @ 12:53PM EDT
• Event prelude now streaming on Apple TV app and via here.
• AAPL: $149.35, -$0.20 (-0.13%) @ 12:30PM EDT


  1. California so full of crime and homeless and nut case politicians with people trying to toss out the feckless governor… Cook needs to come down from the tower. This state is in turmoil and they’re trying to hide it.

    1. Agreed. also that was one of the most boring apple shows with worst music selection maybe ever. Watching an insurance ad would have been more exciting. Apple Watch 7 complete let down from the rumors. No flat sides. Same awful battery life. Feckless upgrades all around, except the iPad mini.

      In the mean time they replaced the nice silver white with starlight, aka BIEGE. It’s hideous. Awful awful taste demonstrated all around. Terrible show. I’m sure the Mac press will get all it’s apologies together for that crap show.

    2. …and so begins the litany of garbage from trolls and bigots who inhabit these webpages.
      Boring show…woke/gay presenters…truly amazing that Apple remains the most valuable company. /s

    1. Was it the “serial leaker,” Jon Prosser (sp?). If so, in the trash bin he goes.

      Besides, why give a “serial leaker” such a platform? Isn’t it necessary for such a person to be breaking some stated, or unstated rule…and doing so for their own gain? For some reason–though not a mirrored likeness–Google comes to mind.

      1. Or maybe it’s you in serious DENIAL what your eyes are seeing and ears are hearing.

        But of course Leftists are masters at SPINNING negative reality into positive territory a common technique that is totally FALSE…

  2. But we want you to be safe…because you are unable to protect yourself.

    It’s the pronation of the liberal mind to “save” everyone from life’s dangers with their prescribed method…b/c their way is best and you ARE going to like it.

        1. No, ghoul, it’s a tiny baby, a precious human life form, God Bless Texas for protecting them. That Apple chose to focus on soulless California speaks volumes about their distorted “values”.

        2. Guess what zygote… you were all of those when you were occupying your mother’s womb, and EVERY HUMAN BEING! I will never understand the hypocritical mind of supporters of abortion. ABORTION IS MURDER

          1. Yes, indeed YD.

            Taking of a life of a developing child with no rights in the womb which should be the safest spot on Earth. Abortion stops a beating heart.

            The BIG HYPOCRISY of the far left with bumper stickers screaming MEAT IS MURDER. So what is abortion radicals — giving LIFE?

            One undeniable truth the far left can never spin or change reality — every person alive today and for the rest of time can thank a PRO LIFE mother… 👩‍👧‍👦

    1. It’s called leadership by example. They do their best to refute whiners who say that everything is impossible. Apple isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. They are just proving that reasonable people can do it.

  3. Still using lightning port? They didn’t say one way or the other, so I’d guess they are?

    How fast is lightning these days? Is it just USB 2 speeds? I know many USB-C cables and devices are only USB2 speed, does that apply to lightning too?

  4. What a disappointment. Not a word about iOS 15 or Monterey? I hate these new super slick “events”. They’d be half the length without all the ridiculously long cut scenes and music video-like segments. They make me miss SJ more and more with every one. I can’t help thinking he must be rolling in his grave with the way the company is going these days. He didn’t need any of that crap to create compelling and memorable events. And it seems like they’ve effectively abandoned the Mac. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is still better than any other company but I can’t help feeling that they are on the decline.

    1. SJ would be so pissed to have a $2.5 billion company literally changing the world with their devices and designs. But you all would be much better CEO. How would you like a “less safe” presentation to go? Feel like rolling the dice with the world’s largest corporation’s largest product? I’m sure you’ll be on the short bus for CEO when Cook retires.

  5. It’s likely that Apple decided to spread disinformation to counteract the leaks. Nice to have some surprises, even though I didn’t get a new Mac in this presentation.

    Yes, presenting a warm, sunny nice place in contrast to the homelessness and impoverishment that prevails is a bit much. Maybe Apple could come up with some ideas to house and feed the poor people – now that would be a remarkable accomplishment. And that is not going to happen.

  6. Geez – no need for the long transitions and the flyovers! Maybe once at the beginning at once at the end. What a waste of time – I cringed every time that another person was going to speak because of those. Just have a quick simple transition! Ugh, to me that was painful.

    And way to cast aside the other 49 states! Lol

    I love Apple, and am a shareholder, but I agree with the poster above – ndelc25. It was boring. Nothing new to show, nothing new coming down the pike that they spoke of. Just better cameras, faster chips – all this is well and good, but getting repetitive…

    1. Could not agree more regarding the iteration upgrades.

      Every year the same old, same old. Camera is better, new chip twice as fast, wow we made the hideous “notch” 20% smaller, less bezel on the iPad screen, batteries are slightly bigger and watch thinner. Big friggin’ whoop dee do!

      This is the first Apple event in decades I refuse to watch. From other posts: The gagging overload of woke minorities, woke music, woke videos and worst brainwashing a beautiful state is now a dangerous sh*thole 💩 and everyone except Apple and recall governor knows it…

  7. Wait what?? No new LGBTQ emojis, someone needs to call the homo police on Tim. Also, no new color emojis, how racist, my exact color skin is still not showing. I also expected to see new LGBTQ iphones and watches air drop notifications to nearby iphones promoting gayness to all nearby phones, including children. I’m disappointed honestly. To not include more LGBTQ and diversity in their new products is abysmal.

    1. Tim likes the “undercover brother” approach. The fitness dude-chick was wearing a rainbow watch band and half the “men” presenting were gay. The Asian chick with the short leg checked the disability and diversity box, wheelchair chick twice in a row would have been too much. Still haven’t noticed a full trans presenter yet, just high-T women. Asian men really get no love, they and white men would be 90% of the presenters if it was based on merit alone, instead of diversity points. Obviously they have very few eligible blacks to showcase so instead you’ll have black faces in nearly every photo and video. For libs this counts as “fighting racism”.

      1. Snooze fest. I literally dozed off (after too short night) at one point. I did not feel a single adrenaline rush during this whole production (did I miss something exciting during my nap?)

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