Apple considers judge’s ruling in Epic Games case ‘a huge win for Apple’

Apple considers the judge’s ruling in Epic Games v. Apple case to be “a huge win for Apple.” Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers handed down a decision in the Epic Games v. Apple trial on Friday. Rogers issued an injunction that said that Apple will no longer be allowed to prohibit developers from providing links or other communications that direct users away from Apple in-app purchasing.

Apple considers judge's ruling in Epic Games case 'a huge win for Apple'

Apple’s statement to the press:

Today the Court has affirmed what we’ve known all along: the App Store is not in violation of antitrust law. As the Court recognized ‘success is not illegal.’ Apple faces rigorous competition in every segment in which we do business, and we believe customers and developers choose us because our products and services are the best in the world. We remain committed to ensuring the App Store is a safe and trusted marketplace that supports a thriving developer community and more than 2.1 million U.S. jobs, and where the rules apply equally to everyone.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney responded on Twitter:

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s stock price immediately dropped 3% as the judge revealed this “huge win.”

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  1. Hey, it’s Apple’s store … they can do whatever they fubliasotshu want with it. Epic Games can open their own store attached to their own website. If I were Apple I’d keep them shunned from Apple Store forever and ever … or until they paid back all of the $$$$ required to litigate their nonsense claims.

  2. And Apple is correct. Apple completely won. All the bogus antitrust garbage was thrown out, rightly. And this was even by a commie California (I know I repeat myself) court.

    The only thing left was some California law on information disclosure requiring links, something apple had recently implemented and allowed anyway. Good luck with people clicking a link to go to another store, and enter their payment information a new there. Will only reinforce how good apple’s systems are. Further, it’s questionable if the California law on disclosure is itself constitutional, and I suspect will be appealed.

    This was a complete slam dunk win for apple.

    That the tech press has its head up its rear and doesnt get it or doesnt want to get it for clickbait is just par for the course of their ineptitude.

    1. Told you.

      Like I’ve been saying, this is all bs clickbait by idiots in the press. Apple won this. No one is putting alternative pay buttons into the App Store. This is noise.

      “No, the Epic v. Apple injunction absolutely positively DOESN’T allow developers to incorporate ‘buttons’ for alternative IN-APP payment mechanisms”

      And this comes from an idiot that was rooting for Epic to win:

      “I’ve been rooting for Epic, and I wish everyone were as honest as Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney after losing a court battle. But I’m absolutely committed to telling people the truth.”

      And even this dimwitted turnip sees it despite being snowed by lying bastage Tim Scammy.

  3. It would seem that Apple accomplished what they needed, which was to avoid being defined as a monopoly.

    I don’t think its a judge’s place to mandate to Apple how to run their App Store wrt providing advertising for other sales platforms, but I can forsee Apple doing something similarly transparent for the App Store as they are doing for privacy. They will explain to you the price of buying from them versus another online platform, and the risks associated with purchasing outside of their ecosystem. Buyer Beware. You can decide whether or not you want to opt into something that Apple hasn’t vetted. Here’s what you are and aren’t getting.

    Like the recent privacy settings that Apple implemented, I would guess that the vast majority would choose not accept the risk of going outside the walled garden. I’m saving a lousy buck for all that risk? As a consumer I wasn’t asking for this and Fortnite is disingenuous buy saying that the consumer is hurt by this.

    Just the same, I expect Apple to appeal and for them to win.

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