Spotify says Apple’s App Store settlement is not enough

Swedish music streaming platform Spotify said on Friday that Apple’s App Store settlement does not address the basic aspects of their “anticompetitive and unfair practices.”

Spotify says Apple's App Store settlement is not enough


Spotify in its 2019 complaint to the European Commission said Apple unfairly restricted rivals to its own music steaming service Apple Music and protested against the 30% fee levied on app developers to use Apple’s in-app purchase system.

MacDailyNews Take: Spotify is a money-losing enterprise that cannot compete and has already been eclipsed by Apple Music in the world’s No.1 market for recorded music, the United States of America.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Spotify has been running around the globe whining to authorities like little babies crying for mommy.

“This boils down to the fact that Spotify wants to use the platform that Apple built and maintains at great expense for free.” – MacDailyNews, March 13, 2019

Spotify is good at three things: Losing money, whining, and gypping artists.


  1. Well said MDN – spot on ! IMO Spotify has zero additional channels of revenue other than just one – it’s just a matter of time until this extremely loosing venture comes to a crossroad ! 🎯

  2. I’ve never understood why the music publishers even bothered with companies like Spotify. Why do they need a middle-man? Create their own streaming app/ website and bypass Apple and Spotify.

    As Jobs would point out, Spotify has NO control over the most strategic components of their business model.

  3. For me Spotify is far better than Apple Music and that opinion is base on what I get suggested by them for listening. Apple Music mostly suggests me songs that I have previously listened or that are in my library, which is not useful at all while Spotify’s automatically compiled lists for me are mostly just what I like to listen to and at contains lot of songs I have not heard before.
    I want to like Apple Musi. I have started subscription 3 times I think, maybe more but have cancelled again and again so it is not like I don’t know what I talk about,

    1. Yes, it does look like you don’t know what you are talking about. Turn on “infinity”, looks like an 8 on its side.

      In addition…..does Spotify provide music videos, LOSSLESS quality steams or anywhere near the number of tracks available on AM all for less than Spotify price.

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