Apple releases firmware update for AirTag

Apple today released a new firmware update for AirTag. The new firmware has a version number of 1.0.291 and a build number of 1A291a, up from 1A287b.

Apple's new AirTag tracker (side view)
Apple’s new AirTag tracker (side view)

AirTag is a small accessory that helps keep track of and find the items that matter most with Apple’s Find My app. Whether attached to a handbag, keys, backpack, or other items, AirTag taps into the vast, global Find My network and can help locate a lost item, all while keeping location data private and anonymous with end-to-end encryption.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

There’s no word on what new features the firmware might add, but firmware released back in June added anti-stalking enhancements.

There is no way to force an AirTag update, as it’s something that’s done over-the-air through a connected iPhone. To make sure the update happens, you can put your AirTag in range of your ‌‌iPhone‌‌, but you have to wait for the firmware to roll out to your device.

MacDailyNews Take: To find which firmware version you’re running in the Find My app on iPhone, iPad or Mac, just find your AirTag(s) under “Items,” tap/click the AirTag and then tap/click the AirTag’s name to reveal the Serial and Firmware numbers.

In a Find My app update, we’d like for Apple to add a long press or an additional tap in iOS and iPadOS and an additional click on the Mac to that Firmware version number that would reveal the build number.


  1. The perfect little carrier pouch for an AirTag… Repurpose the old pouch for the Nike+ Bluetooth motion sensor, used to attach sensor to running shoe. I used one many years ago to track my runs with my iPod nano. It’s very close to size of AirTag. Mine looped though shoelace, now it loops through my keyholder, with my AirTag inside. Better than official key ring. Another type uses Velcro to strap to shoe, now to a backpack (or whatever). They’re still available (cheap) as old stock at the usual online sources.

    At least I don’t need to restart it after update 😉

  2. Had to disconnect my AirTag from my iCloud account, it was causing horrible Bluetooth-scanning-battery drain. Find My was constantly running at or near 100% of battery activity at night, the worst Apple product I’ve used so far.

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