Leaker: 14- and 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro models to offer equal performance

Apple’s upcoming 14-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro will cost more than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro and both the 14 and 16-inch models will offer the same performance, according to the leaker known as “Dylandkt.”

Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 delivers game-changing performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac.
Apple Silicon MacBook Pro. Apple’s current 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 delivers game-changing performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac.

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

The leaker shared the information on Twitter, explaining that both of the upcoming MacBook Pro models, expected to come in 14 and 16-inch sizes, will feature the same performance due to having the same “M1X” chip.

Currently, the 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a significant performance improvement over the high-end 13-inch models due to its more powerful Intel chips and better thermals, so bringing the two model sizes to parity could be a major boost for owners of the smaller, more portable model.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, it makes sense that a 14-inch display would cost more than a 13-inch machine. Because Apple Silicon is so much more efficient and less thermally-constrained vs. Intel snails, we’re really looking forward to Apple offering “just-as’fast” smaller MacBook Pro models as the flagship 16-inch. As users of the current Intel i9 16-inch MacBook Pro, we can’t wait to stop having to deal with frequent and significant fan noise!


  1. This is an awful bit of small screen discrimination I hope Apple’s finally done with. Why someone who doesn’t want or need the largest laptop screen available, would still not want top of the line performance is just misaligned thinking on Apple’s part. Bigger ain’t better, just bigger. Especially because closed lid setups with a large, gorgeous monitor, keyboard and mouse can be done with any MacBook.

    I can understand the logic that iPhone mini (SE) might have less features, as it’s an attempt to lower the price point for iPhones. But anything with a “Pro” at the end of its name should not be subject silly distinctions and downgrades.

  2. This 14 inch MBP will be replacing the current high end 13.3 inch MBP, so the pricing is actually comparable. There is no increase; it is now about $1799 to $1999. Further, the performance will be far superior. The 13.3 inch MBP will likely stay in the line-up at its current price.

  3. It’s all about the M-chip. In the Intel world, there are so mamy variations and other system specs that affect performance. With Apple Silicon, it’s more consistent and predictable. That will probably change with the Mac Pro (M2 something?) when Apple will have more variation on core-count for same generation of CPU. Or maybe multiple CPU’s in one Mac, like a Mac Pro with option to have up to 4 M2X, for example.

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